Review: The Savage Sinner by Christopher Harlan

Review: The Savage Sinner by Christopher HarlanThe Savage Sinner (A Series of Savage Gentleman Book 2) by Christopher Harlan
Genres: Sports Romance

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*Book 1 — The Savage Gentleman — is available now!
My name Damien “The Sinner” Reyes.
I’ve been called every name in the book by my long list of haters: cocky, hard-headed, impulsive, arrogant. But there’s another name I like to go by—the best MMA fighter in the world. You’ve never heard of me, but one day you’ll know my name.
I was broken when I met her, mending mental and physical wounds, and that’s when Harper approached me, wanting to tell my story to the world. There was only one problem—she was the hottest woman I’d ever seen in my life. Why was that a problem? She wanted a profile for her blog, and all I wanted was to see her naked. It was doomed to never work out. But then one night I asked her to go to dinner with me, and everything changed between us.
I though it would be smooth sailing, but then her unknown past stepped between us, threatening not only the two of us, but standing in the way of my personal dreams. If I can overcome my obstacles, then I know I’m destined for greatness. There are only three things I want now—Harper by my side, a contract with the UFC, and for everyone in the world to know that I’m the most Savage Sinner in the world.

I have read many of  Christopher Harlan’s books and he always brings his A game. With each book Harlan becomes like a new author to me. I have read his heart touching stories about family and hardship. I have read his books in so many different genres. What makes Christopher Harlan an amazing writer is that every book he brings a new side of Not only himself but of life. Harlan has fast become one of my favorite go to Author’s.

The Savage Sinner is an MMA based story unlike any I have ever read. Going deep into the mind of Damien “The Sinner” Reyes. Harlan brings forth an amazing journey of mind, body, soul and heart. How a young man who almost has achieved his dream has it cruelly ripped out of his grasps (for the moment anyway). Christopher doesn’t just write sexy, strong, alpha men; his women are just as remarkable. Harper Silva is not a ring bunny. She is a hard hitting MMA journalist who literally bumps her way into Damien’s life. Their journeys, both together and separate are

Harlan crafts a book with an outstanding plot, characters, development and flow. He is truly mastering his talent and putting all of his energy into his work.  If there is one author I highly recommend as a one click it is Christopher Harlan. You never know where the book is going to lead you but you will never have to doubt that it is going to be worth the pages turned.

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