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Mated for a Moment 

By Victoria Christine

Hosted by Blissful Services


Dane Rockport is a hot-tempered cowboy who rides the rodeo circuit when he’s not running the Bear Spring Ranch and commanding Alpha over his clan. He’s content with the hard, lonely life. It keeps people breathing, alive, unlike his grizzly. That’s why his world collapses around him when he’s informed by council that he must take a mate in order to remain Alpha of the Bear Spring Ranch.

Lucy Lispon has been searching for a way out of her captor’s clutches. She’s been held for the last year by the Alpha of the Twisted Root as he tries to force her to be his mate, and her only release is the rodeo where she plans her escape.

Will Dane remain Alpha of the only home he’s ever known?

Will Lucy escape her captor or be mated to her abuser?

Will Dane and Lucy find a way to help each other, even for a moment?

To be mated for a lifetime means nothing if not mated to her.

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“He’s coming out. His driver just had the car come around. Are you ready?” There was a grumble on the other end. “Ready?! I thought you said, you would think of something else?! We’ve been here two hours and you can’t come up with a better plan than this?!” I rolled my eyes hearing Jason complain. What I was about to do was plan B which I had made in case I couldn’t think of a plan A. “Look I […]

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Lily Wes. The name alone sent a jolt through my body. Wes Jennings had been seventeen when he and his father moved next door to us. He had shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes and sported the beginnings of a mustache and facial hair. Throw in that he rode a motorcycle, and it only added to the reason he was my first crush at the tender age of thirteen. After that, I imagined he probably starred in many young girls’ fantasies […]

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Fuck, he’s smokin’ hot. My thighs clench involuntarily at the thought of what his mouth would feel like against me, and my eyes travel down his face taking in the dark scruff on his sharp jawline then I look over the rest of him. I sigh at the sheer perfection that is his body, with thick muscles that radiate raw and primal strength, nothing I’ve never encountered in a man before. Mr. Hottie stands and walks over to me, his […]

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“What the fuck!” Rhone yelled. Jordan and my heads shot toward the door so fast I thought we’d have whiplash. There Rhone stood, shooting daggers at us. His face was an ugly shade of red, not due to embarrassment. No, man, he was fucking pissed.           Shit busted.           With Rhone’s voice a hundred decibels higher than any man’s voice should be, of course, Ely heard and had to come and check out what was up. “What’s wr—” he froze, […]

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First let me make my apologies. The last 3 months my oldest son has been severely ill, but the last two weeks have been the worst. Jman needed my time and attention more than MBB (go ahead and say it, “Duh, Kris.”) so WIP Wednesday and Snippet Saturday got put to the side. However, I am happy to say after a week stay in the hospital my son is almost 100% better. Now I can make up for making y’all […]

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I showered and got dressed to meet my brother. But I had some time to kill so I went out onto my terrace. As I stood watching the sunset over Manhattan, I thought about taking some more vacation—just to cross off a few more items from my blind bucket list. But the truth was, it was too late. I was staring down a tunnel and all I got was a vague hint of orange and red in the cloudy center. The […]