Review: Tongue’s Target

Tongue's Target (Ruthless Kings MC, #10) by K.L. Savage
Series: Ruthless Kings #10
Genres: Dark Romace, MC Romance
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I don’t live in the shadows anymore.Daphne has dragged me into her light.At first, it was bright, and I didn’t know how to live in it.I’m… adjusting.Life for the most part is better than I ever dreamed.But not better for her dreams.
Especially when dreams tread the line of reality.When she tells me the truth, it sends me into a quiet place.A place where I plan, a place where I figure out who her father really is and what he did.A place where I hone in on my target.He is the reason for her mind to be lost.And when she gets lost, I always find her and bring her back to me.That is until she leaves because life loves to shred my soul.
She’s Gone.And now I’m the one lost. I’m in the shadows and for the first time, I don’t want to be here.I need my comet’s light.Only to find her…And she doesn’t remember us.Or me.I’m a stranger.
How can I make her fall in love with me all over again?She’s my wish upon a star.And I’ll kill her father for taking my wish.I can’t tell anyone.Or my wish won’t come true.And I wish for her love again.

Tongue’s Target gives us a closer deeper look into Tongue’s mind and life after his finding his love Daphne. I love how K.L. Savage leaps into his psyche. They don’t try to make him softer even though he’s found his one. While Daphne draws him out of the shadows more and more, he still lurks there.


In Tongue’s Target he is reminded of why, at times, it is best for him to lurk. Savage rips what you think is solid apart and leaves the reader grasping for more. Trying to find the clues that they may or may not have left behind.


Savage continues to create a world that draws you in. Their characters and stories are so solidly built that the reader begins to believe they truly exist. This is a world that even though it is at times twisted and dark there is such a light and hope there as well. It leaves you filled with hope that everyone one day will find their love. So many emotions erupt during Tongue’s Target.


Savage will mess you up and leave you wondering if your heart will ever be whole again. You will be longing for more. As always this is a must read. Anything K.L. Savage pens is a one click.

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