Review: The Three Kiss Clause by Christopher Harlan

Review: The Three Kiss Clause by Christopher HarlanThe Three Kiss Clause by Christopher Harlan


Cormac Delaney was everything I hated about men—arrogant, smug and condescending, but he was also everything my body responded to—gorgeous, tall, brooding, and confident. Oh, and he happened to be a partner at the publishing company I was trying to get signed to. My book—“Fu*#$@Boys”—about how men are selfish, sex-crazed pigs—was one vote away from being published—his vote. But not only did he hate my book, he asked me a question that would change things between us forever:
“How can you be an expert on men when you’ve never been in a real relationship?”
He had a point, but I wasn’t about to let him know. Instead I did what any self-respecting academic would do—I proposed a radical social experiment. Cormac and I would live together for one month as boyfriend and girlfriend. If he could change my mind about men I’d withdraw my book. If not, he’d agree to publish it.
My only condition? No sex, or anything physical, whatsoever.
I never thought he’d go for it, but I guess I was wrong about him, in more ways than one. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Cormac Delaney, even if he is easy on the eyes. . .fine, he’s good looking. . .alright, he’s hot as hell, but still! To do this I’m going to have to remind myself of a few things: we’re only an experiment, nothing more. He’s not the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen in my life, he absolutely does not have a body that makes me tingle in all the right places, and I’m never, under any circumstances, going to let myself fall for him. . .

For this bringing Christopher Harlan’s debut romcom I am highly impressed. I have been a fan for a while. Having read some of his other books, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Don’t get me wrong there is always humor somewhere in almost every book but a romantic comedy isn’t just a scene here and there. It is a whole other level. How do I judge if a romcom is a hit?? When my kids are asking me what’s so funny because I can’t contain my laughter. Did The Three Kiss Clause met or exceed these expectations? YES!! My youngest came in from another room to ask what I watching cause he could hear me two rooms away. So I guess you could say Harlan nailed it. 

Harlan has already proven he is a true storyteller and this just adds another sub genre notch to his belt. The Three Kiss Clause has you laughing at stereotypes, and maybe even questioning if you generalize the opposite sex. Something I had truly never thought of until reading this book. Why?? I guess I should answer that question for you. One simple word or name, as it happens to be…Tori.

Tori is a woman on a mission. That mission is to get her book published. Tori is a huge female influencer. All about being a woman and not letting the men get you down, Tori’s book may just be a huge best seller. Just hearing about the book might get some feminist all ready to go and buy it, two of the three partners at a publishing company are all about publishing it. The third (and only male) doesn’t feel the same way. Tori has to figure out a way to get Cormac to see things her way.

Cormac doesn’t understand how a woman with such limited relationship experience can justify all the stereotypes that Tori has in her book. Quite frankly, he don’t want to publish it but knows that it would be good for his company. When Tori approaches him with an experiment that could possibly change one of their minds Cormac decides to join in. What ensues is nothing above hilarious, heartfelt, emotional, and mind changing. I know ya’ll didn’t really expect me to give you all the details, now did ya? I mean this is me after all and I did say this was a MUST read.

Keep an eye on Tori’s best friend. That woman is my spirit animal and so me!! And a little bird told me we might be seeing her again. I have my fingers crossed cause she is truly spectacular character.  

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