Review: In the Grasp by Cadence Keys

In the Grasp (LA Wolves, #1) by Cadence Keys
Series: LA Wolves #1
Genres: Sports Romance

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He's football's hottest quarterback.Jack Fuller, the most notoriously private player in the league, is at the top of his game, but his personal life leaves something to be desired.
She's the newest reporter for the LA Chronicle.Paige O'Malley has worked her ass off for her career, and now she's just landed her dream job with the biggest paper on the west coast.
They broke each other's hearts nine years ago. Now fate is giving them another chance to get it right.When Paige gets assigned to write an exposé on Jack, she must decide where her loyalties lie: with the career of a lifetime or the love of her life.
In the Grasp is the first contemporary sports romance in the LA Wolves series. Jack and Paige's story begins in Intentional Grounding.

In the Grasp by Cadence Key is a cute and sweet second romance story. The main characters were just like people we know. Paige and Jack were high school sweethearts that ended. Fast forward 9 years later and Paige’s job throws them back into each others path. The story was honestly pretty much text book for how 90% of  second chance love stories are written. A break up, time apart, fate leading them to one another, realizing the heat is still there, angst to drive them apart and of course the happily ever after.

The characters in In The Grasp make this book enjoyable. I enjoyed Paige and Jack but to be transparent I was far more interested in Will and Gina. Their story, while just a side story and probably a set up for book two, was more interesting to me. There is nothing technically wrong with Jack and Paige, I just clicked more with the side characters. That happens, people.

Key was able to keep the flow nice and even. The angst wasn’t overdrawn and unbelievable. Overall yes I would recommend In The Grasp if you are looking for a nice, short HEA read.

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