Review: Pride & Papercuts by Staci Hart

Pride and Papercuts (The Austens, #5) by Staci Hart
Genres: Contemporary, RomCom

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Hate is a strong word.
Depending on the company, loathe is a good substitute. Abhor might be a little fancy, but it gets the job done. But the word that really sums up how I feel about Liam Darcy is, without question, hate.
He doesn’t seem to think much of me either. The second he lays his fault-seeking eyes on me, he sets out to oppose me. Everything about him is imposing, as if he consumes the nearby air to power the rise and fall of his broad chest, and it’s clear he resents my presence on his advertising team. Every idea I have is shot down. Every olive branch I offer is set on fire by nothing more than the blistering coals he calls eyes.
In return, I light him up with my words.
It’s not as if he can dismiss me, since I work for his client, Wasted Words. Instead, he’s forced to tolerate me, which seems the closest we’ll ever be to friends. Fine by me.
I can be civil and still hate Liam Darcy.
But if there’s more to him than his exterior shows, I won’t be able to hate him at all.
I might stumble over that line between love and hate and fall right into his arms.

Staci Hart’s take on a modern day Pride & Prejudice is delightful and steamy.  P&P has it funny moments  and some serious attitude from the main and side characters. Hart is able to bring a whole new story out from the works of Jane Austen. With the perfect blend of humor and sarcasm Hart engages the reader.

Bringing her readers in with the playful relationships until Liam and Laney can figure their way around all the expectations of Liam’s family. Can they figure it out or will they be torn apart by a vengeful relative. It’s fun to watch the story play out. Pride & Papercuts was a cute sweet romance. It will keep you entertained.

While this was a good book it also is not one that I would reread. It is, in my opinion, something that I would read to pass the time when I didn’t want to become truly invested in a story. It is a fast and easy read.

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