Review: A Ruthless Halloween by K.L. Savage

Review: A Ruthless Halloween by K.L. SavageA Ruthless Halloween (Ruthless Kings MC) by K.L. Savage
Series: Ruthless Kings
Genres: MC Romance

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He gets off on your fear.
Trick or treat, Come and meet, someone you love that’s buried six-feet.If you don’t, I don’t care, I’ll love to see you in despair.They will die. Save their life!This isn’t a dare, I bid you beware.Follow the clues I’ll give to you,This is merely my debut.Until the clock strikes midnight,They will be gasping for air, what a delight.Love,The groundskeeper.
My hand shakes when I read the note.Everyone is here.I think.There are so many people. So many painted faces. How am I supposed to know who is missing?I knew this party was a bad idea.Now, one of my own is in trouble and as the Prez of the MC, I should know not to play a game.But we are on a timer and someone is using us as pawns.It’s up to us to save one of our own.
The clock starts now.Tick-f*king-tock.

Holy wow! KL Savage will keep you guessing even after this book is over. Bringing all your favorite Ruthless Kings together to get your heart racing as they try to solve the trick. Savage is a one click for me. From their tougher than nails and hotter than hell men to their women who fight for what they want and love. Absolutely the best Halloween Novella I’ve read to date!!

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