Review: Tongue by K.L. Savage

Tongue (Ruthless Kings MC, #8) by K.L. Savage
Genres: MC Romance
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I’m too dark for her light.
I am who I am, and I won’t apologize for it.I don’t know how to be...Normal.
I have my reasons.I've been through hell.I've touched the flames themselves and I've danced with the devil.Intimately.
Damnation torched my soul until it was black.
Then I see her.I'm enthralled, but I can't speak to her.She's too pure.Too fragile.Too innocent.She doesn't need to see my torched soul.She doesn't need to taste my damnation.
I watch what I can't have.I swear I'll protect her.Even if she doesn't know I'm there.I get more...Enthralled.
She loves books.I wonder if I could love them too.She loves wine.I imagine us sharing a glass.
Imagination. What a tease.Enthralled. Entranced.Obsessed.
She feels me there.Sees me out of the corner of her eye.I'm the reason the hair on the back of her neck is standing up.But I stay in the shadows where I belong.
Until I can't.Until the day I see her cry.
Those tears feel like open wounds.I want to heal them.But all she does is run.So I follow.
I won't stop until she no longer has a reason to cry.Even if it means I have to ride through the fires of hell one more time.

Having read every book K.L Savage has put out, I can honestly say that I am dazzled by how the authors always seem to top their previous books. Just when you think there is no possible way for the characters to grab you as much as the previous Savage thrives on  proving you wrong.

To date Tongue is the most heart wrenching character that Savage has brought forth and that is saying something. Savage brings attention to many different horrors of real life, how those tragedies can deeply affect a person and what roads they may take. While doing that and knowing that each of her characters torture and kill, you still come to love her main characters. Even with all their deeply scarred psyches, Savage is able to make you see their vulnerabilities. They are able to make you find a way to love the characters and love them deeply. The world building that takes place sucks you in like a moth to a flame.

Tongue escapes a childhood of horror. Watching him find a sliver of happiness is captivating. Finding it while staying in his dark world is gripping. This is a story that needs to be experienced. To see how the light flickers in his life for moments beckoning him but also allowing him to stay in his shadows is enthralling. I’ve said this before but it needs repeating, K.L. Savage is a instant one click.

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