Review: Rise of the Raven by Joci Grace Morgan

Review: Rise of the Raven by Joci Grace MorganRise of the Raven: Raven Coven (Witches of the West Raven Hills Book 1) by Joci Grace Morgan
Series: Witches of the West Raven Hills #1

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For centuries, the Raven Coven has awaited a time when the prophesied children would arrive, heralding in the rise of the raven. As each of the four sisters who were born with the mark reaches their maturity, they ascend into their full powers.

Alyza, the oldest sister, has eagerly awaited this time, confident that she has what it takes to embrace her new reality. She never expects her destined mate to show up, nor does she anticipate that it will be a demon from Hell. What in the goddesses name was Mother Nature thinking?

As the second in command to the dark lord of the underworld, Christian knows his purpose is to ensure that new demons become terrifying so they can handle the jobs they’re assigned. When he wakes up in a completely different dimension where people laugh, joke and smile, he reaches out to his lord only to hear nothing back in response.

When the couple realize that they’re intended mates, they must navigate not only that minefield, but try to figure out why they were paired with each other.

**Suitable for ages 18+ due to adult content and language**

Rise of the Raven is the debut book of the up and coming author, Joci Grace Morgan. I wasn’t sure what to expect, except paranormal and romance. Rise of the Raven is so much more than that. For being a debut book I was prepared to find some flaws that new authors tend to make. It’s par for the course. Nope! Not a one!! I actually asked if this was truly her debut. I was shocked and excited. I foresee Joci Grace Morgan bringing a new edge to PNR.


Morgan grabbed my attention in just the prologue and held it captive. This story is expertly written and the world building is out of this realm. Her characters are strong, yet you can see the vulnerability lingering behind. Rise of the Raven has a unique plot. As you know I won’t be spilling any of the tea of the book because I always say you need to experience this.


Watching the main characters, Alyza and Christian come from two different worlds and figure out how and why they are chosen to be mates, along with all that entails is humorous and steamy.


Joci Grace Morgan has thrown out every formula for writing a book and upped the bar. Rise of the Raven is fresh breath of air in the paranormal romance genre. There is more to this story than just romance and steamy sex.  I am already clamoring for book 2.

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