Review: Loving Kate by CC Monroe

Loving Kate by CC Monroe
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Kate Beckett

The webs we weave are often the most damaging to ourselves.
The love we want can blossom in places we know we won’t find it.
Trying to save a man who couldn't be was my demise.
I wanted a man who was untouchable, all while an unloved man was dying to have me.
Little did I know I was right there beside him, wanting him too without realizing it.
But I had to find my salvation and finally let go of what killed the woman I used to be.

Nick Amerson

She lived in a world all her own—lost, broken, and alone. But she was never alone when I was there, waiting.
She healed and broke over and over again.
And every ounce of me craved for her to see me there.
I ached to touch her. To please her. To love her with unfathomable passion.
But I couldn't do that until she found her salvation on her own.
And in my eyes, that salvation was me.

Loving Kate is a story that will encompasses all of your feelings, leaving you wanting and needing more. CC Monroe brings you on a ride where you need to keep your hands on your kindle and hold on for dear life. She shows you the truth of grittier side of life. You watch as Kate struggles to find the one thing she  never wanted to lose, herself.


I completely connected with Kate Beckett. I felt her pain and guilt. I could feel her heartbreak as she did what she had to. Loving Kate is a must read book for anyone who struggles with losing themselves in a relationship. It will bring you an insight into the mind of someone who has to finally break through the walls to get them to where they belong.


Monroe shows you how through the darkness there is always light. With the support of loved ones you can overcome. It’s finally finding the inner strength to realize you are worth so much. The emotions that Loving Kate brings forth can be immense so I advice that you keep Kleenex near by and do not throw your kindle.


This is a 10 star read that will stay with you long after you close your kindle. If CC Monroe isn’t already on your must one click list Loving Kate will put her there. So buckle up buttercup and don’t say I didn’t warn ya…this will be one helluva ride.

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