Review: Hypocritically Yours by Hayley Faiman

Hypocritically Yours by Hayley Faiman
Genres: Age Gap

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A Standalone Age-Gap Romance.
He’s sixty-two. She’s twenty-three. Is it just a love affair or could it be forever?
Landry had always imagined at the age of sixty-two that he would be rocking his grandchildren and enjoying a life of retirement.
Life has a funny way of disrupting your plans, and Landry just hired a twenty-three-year-old single mother as his assistant who seems to do just that… stand in the way of his plans.
He’s raised his three children to adulthood. He’s supposed to be settled down. However, he can’t seem to get Tennessee Bradley out of his head.
She consumes his every waking thought.
She’s too young for him.
Far too young.
Except, she’s everything he thought that he could never have in a partner. She’s soft, gentle, caring, and kind.
Is it just a fantasy, or could she be his future?

Hailey Faiman packs a punch with Hypocritically Yours. She sets a ton for Tennessee’s story in the first chapter. Being in a traumatic situation you would think that Tenny would run and hide from the world, and she does for a while, but when she comes back to life she does it with fierceness. Landry is suffering through life unhappy in every way that matters. Just living day to day until he is told to interview a young woman.

Hypocritically Yours is a book that will make you think what you thought should happen. Both Landry and Tenny are fighting for a life that they both long for. A life that neither are sure they can have or even deserve.

I thoroughly enjoyed Hypocritically Yours. Tenny and Landry kept me rooting for their love to prevail despite all the obstacles that were being thrown their way. Faiman was able to keep me engrossed and invested in the story and characters. Since this is the first book I had read of Hailey’s I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now I know I will be hitting her back lists and future reads. So make sure you grab a copy of Hypocritically Yours.

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