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Yep y’all read that right MBB has news!! As you can tell the blog is getting a facelift. Let’s admit it was seriously time for an update, dontcha think?? So I have that going on. My life has been super busy as of late. With kids being back in school I was thinking, “WHEW!! Me time!!” Reality on the other hand was thinking “I don’t freaking think so sistah!!” I have my things that I have to do every week: Cherokee classes, Relay for Life meetings and fundraisers, books to read, children to attempt to keep alive, doctor appointments, house hunting and then if I can find a chance to do it, breathing lol. Yes I lead a very busy life but I love it.

I have a goal of two reviews a week. So y’all will have to put up with me at least that often. I am also going to be opening up more on this blog about my life. I wasn’t sure when I first started this blog on how I wanted to do this blog to be honest with you. I wanted to talk books and that was the main thing. Now I realize that I need to open up a little bit more and that for me is hard. So this is a step out of my comfort zone. LOL.

In October I will be opening up my review calendar for more new reviews, other than that I will be reviewing books that catch my fancy. Right now I just started an ARC by Casey Peeler called Everett. I absolutely love Casey’s books. She is such a sweet genuine person and it definitely comes out in her books. As does her Southern roots. So that will be my next review.

Now I’m gonna ask what more or less would you like to see on this blog? What are things that don’t or do like about?? I’m asking you to review MBB. Email me and let me know.

Smooches & Dueces!!!

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