Review: Prophecy Revealed by Joci Grace Morgan

Prophecy Revealed : Witches of West Raven Hills (Witches of the West Raven Hills Book 4) by Joci Grace Morgan
Series: Witches of the West Raven Hills #4
Genres: Paranormal Romance

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Willow has dreamed of him each night when her eyelids slip shut. They’ve walked hand-in-hand through their dream state. They were already friends, half in love, when her ascension day came. Unlike her elder sisters before her, something monumental and earth-shattering happened upon her ascent. Gaia had a piece of the prophecy hidden from all seers. The coven was taken by surprise. What was revealed changed everything. But their travels on their mating night bring them unforeseen adventures and they meet an unknown kind. New friends and new allies emerge.

Osirus grew up the third son of a prominent Fae family. His parents rule the Novus kingdom with firm, yet kindhearted hands. When he was fortuitously pulled into the Aetherworld, it was a shock to his eternal being. Dreamwalking was only gifted to powerful wizards, seers, and healing elders—those who seek guidance from other paranormals, so they may guide the numerous realms’ leaders—an aptitude neither Willow nor Osirus should be capable of possessing. Meeting her reveals his life’s predestined course.

The mighty battle draws close, but with these new prophecy revelations, the sisters can’t help but fear how truly powerful Dora has become. The question still lies. Are the ravens, along with the allies they’ve acquired along the way, powerful enough to defeat their villainous aunt?

Just when you think that Joci Grace Morgan has reached her peak in the Witches of West Raven Hill series she surpasses herself. Morgan brings us Willow, the fourth sister in the prophecy. Willow is totally different than her other sisters. Having felt like she was living in their shadows, Willow is ready to set out and show who she truly is. Which can be hard to do when your very future is bond to each other.

Prophecy Revealed does just that, reveals. Many things come to light in this part of the series. Things that may change everything. While Dora barely appears in Prophecy Revealed her presence is felt every where. Her darkness still fills the air and attempts to smother the light.

Morgan enthralled me, once again, with the world she has created and the allies that are exposed to us. Her world is enchanting and exciting. It beckons to you to dive in and stay. She has introduced new characters that become essential to the storyline. Without them the outcome could be very different.

Joci Grace Morgan leaves you hungering for more. You will be anticipating the battle between the sister and their allies against their aunt (which rumors have it  should be in the next book). The Witches of West Raven Hill series has kept me bewitched with each book. Drawing me deeper into the world that has been created. The sisters and their mates have dug their way into my heart. This series shows how differences shouldn’t matter if your hearts are the same.

As always Morgan is a one click, must read author for me.

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