Review: Hooking by Kristine Allen

Hooking (The Iced Series Book 1) by Kristine Allen
Series: Iced Series #1
Genres: New Adult, Sports Romance
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Hooking: When a player impedes the progress of an opponent by “hooking” him with his stick.
I’m Alex Kosinski, left wing for the Austin Amurs. Hooking was my penalty. It’s never something I set out to do, but it happens. After all, it’s hockey.
Hockey is life. Getting traded was a kick to the nuts, but at least I was still playing. It was all that mattered.
Until Sydney.
Our relationship was forbidden, but I didn’t care—I hadn’t run from a fight yet.
I had her right where I wanted her, until everything crashed around me. My past came back to bite me in the ass and I was faced with getting kicked off the team. Now, I’m trying to pick up the goddamn pieces.
I’m not going to choose between her or hockey. I want it all. Because despite everything, she’s the best thing I’ve ever hooked.

Hooking is the first hockey romance by Kristine Allen. Anyone who has read Allen before knows she brings her books to life with every word she types and Hooking is no exception to that. Her first foray into a sports romance is, in my personal opinion, a huge success.

 While MC favorites make brief appearances you find yourself totally entrenched into the hockey world. The chemistry between Alex and Sydney is explosive from the first meeting. Allen is able to bring together her lead characters seamlessly. She gets you to invest in them, separately and as a couple. You root them on. Kristine Allen has created a world that you want to be a part of, whether you’re a hockey fan or not.

This is a one click author that you need to read if you haven’t as of yet. Kristine Allen has never disappointed me. I continuously throw money at her books and I will continue to do so, knowing that I receive the best of the best.

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