Review: Through the Water by Shannon Myers

Review: Through the Water by Shannon MyersThrough The Water (Fairest, #2) by Shannon Myers
Series: Fairest #2

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Ten years ago, I saved his life.
The daughter of a megachurch pastor, I always assumed that the walls were there to protect me. Now, I see that they're meant to hold me captive. My father's followers were my family, his church my home, and his teachings my law.
When Killian re-entered my life, I was nineteen. A lost soul in need of a savior. He started out as a distraction. A distraction that quickly grew into compulsion. I tried to stay away, but he stirred up something within me that was more real than anything I ever experienced inside the church.
What happens when a girl from the inside falls in love with a boy on the outside?
He's a baseball player, known around the entire world, and I'm—well, I'm nothing more than a hostage of my faith.
Perhaps it's fitting that his name means church as he is my sanctuary.
Ten years ago, I saved his life. If only he could save mine.
Through The Water is the second book in the Fairest series, but can be enjoyed as a complete stand alone.

Shannon Myers blew me out of the water with her book, Through the Waters. Myers is known for her her MC books, so that’s where I know her from. Through the Waters is a book that takes on several new elements for me. Her main characters, Ariana and Killian, have such depth. I love watching how these two relate from the beginning. The storyline is unique. 

I love how Myers was able to interweave the past and present of her main characters. Drawing it all to one huge conclusion. There really are so many aspects to this story that I didn’t expect but that truly pulled at the heart strings. 

Reading about Ariana’s past makes you really protective of her. Myers makes the character someone you want to keep close and ward of all the evil in the world. While watching Killian grow from the young pompous person he was into a true man fills you with pride. 

This is a book I would suggest to anyone. Yes there are steamy scenes but they are handled so well that it truly adds to the story. There is no aspect of Ariana and Killian’s relationship that is mishandled. Myers expertly brought to life amazing main and side characters in Through The Waters.

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