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Review: Pretending by Cindy..

Review: Pretending by Cindy Cipriano

I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Pretending (Book 3) of the Fading Series. So I was extremely happy to have it finally hit my Kindle. Even though it had been months since I had read Searching I did not have to do a reread. The story was still very much alive in my mind. Cindy Cipriano does such an astounding job in world building that has continued into Pretending. Cipriano does such great job in bringing you deep […]

Posted September 10, 2020

📣 Lauren Blakely Announc..

📣 Lauren Blakely Announcement 📣

  Have you heard the news?! Lauren Blakely and Joe Arden are writing a book together!     HOW TO GET LUCKY is a sexy, all-male POV romantic comedy co-written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lauren Blakely and Award-Winning Romance Narrator Joe Arden! This witty and charming novel is releasing January 20th!   Check out this FUN video from Lauren and Joe!! WATCH HERE:     Blurb: A sexy standalone romance written by #1 NYT Bestselling Author […]

Posted September 7, 2020

Not Used To Cute by Becca S..

Not Used To Cute by Becca Seymour Release Blitz

“Great storyline, cute and very sweet…” – Goodreads Review A bar owner who’s not looking for a relationship. A lost soul who’s afraid to trust. When Elijah and Seb meet, sparks fly. But will either of them find the courage to take what they want? Pouring his all into his business, Elijah is perfectly content running his bar. With its prime location and its infamous drag shows, Bar QK is the place to be. Elijah is used to meeting new […]

Posted August 24, 2020

Spotlighting: Hadley Raydee..

Spotlighting: Hadley Raydeen

I had the pleasure of meeting Hadley Raydeen at Wanderlust San Antonio in June of 2019. She was eating her lunch while everyone else was buzzing through the room. So I just had to stop. Thankfully she was happy I interrupted her. I was able to spend a fair amount of times while she told me about her books. Over the last year we have kept in touch. Hadley is an amazingly talented seasoned author. She has also been a […]

Posted July 27, 2020

Review: Dishing Up Love by ..

Review: Dishing Up Love by KD Robichaux

Finding a good romcom to read can be hard to find, writing one (I can only imagine) even harder, with everyone’s sense of humor being so different. Or maybe I am just picky. Then BOOM! That’s KD Robichaux kicking in the door with Dishing Up Love. Is there anything this woman cannot write? I have read several of her other books, from her debut autobiographical love story to her dark romances, and she always draws me in and holds me […]

Review: What It Takes by So..

Review: What It Takes by Sonya Loveday

The story  is one of such great love, friendship, loss and a new chance. Two best friends, Gracen Lowell and Slade Owens, try navigating from friendship to lovers. Yet it’s too late by the time they realize their true feelings. Thinking he would never have his chance with Gracen, Slade has agreed to a job far away from her in hopes that he will soon forget her and all the feelings he knows will never be able to get over. […]

Posted March 29, 2020

Review: Angry God by LJ She..

Review: Angry God by LJ Shen

LJ Shen has always had the ability to write an amazing complex story. Her characters will evoke such emotions from the reader. Just when you think you know who the character is Shen exposes another layer that you never knew was there. She has a way of making you open your eyes to the “villain” of the story. Bringing to light the complexities in their personality and the  baggage that makes them who they are. By the end you are deeply […]

Posted March 27, 2020

Review: Peace of Infinity b..

Review: Peace of Infinity by Maegan Able

This book is heaven! Literal heaven. I was so mad after I was done reading it that no one had shoved a copy of it in my hands earlier. Maegan Able wrote a book that just totally wrapped me so deeply in the story I didn’t know wether to cry cause I wanted more, needed more or throw my kindle cause I was mad it was over and there was no more! Gavin and Evangelie (love those names) are characters […]

Posted March 26, 2020

Freefall by Cassidy London

Freefall by Cassidy London

Freefall was a nice break from reality for me. How many times does a single woman (not that I’m single but hey this is a break from reality, right?) dream that she will meet a guy while on vacation who will just be everything she has wanted in a man? I think just about most people have fantasized about having that vacation fling.  Freefall is a great story to pass the time away. The storyline flows well and the characters […]

Posted March 25, 2020

Review: Remember Me by Hone..

Review: Remember Me by Honey Palamino

When I started Remember Me I was kinda shocked because I kept on having the feeling that I had read this before…Like serious Déjà vu. And then BOOM it hit me like a stack of bricks when I hit a certain pivotal scene in the book. I had read Remember Me five years ago when it released. That right there should tell you what type of book Remember Me is…memorable. Remember Me is a truly great book. Palamino has a […]

Posted March 16, 2020