Spotlighting: Hadley Raydeen

I had the pleasure of meeting Hadley Raydeen at Wanderlust San Antonio in June of 2019. She was eating her lunch while everyone else was buzzing through the room. So I just had to stop. Thankfully she was happy I interrupted her. I was able to spend a fair amount of times while she told me about her books. Over the last year we have kept in touch.
Hadley is an amazingly talented seasoned author. She has also been a moderator and panelist for Romance Slam Jam.
1. What do you feel, as a writer, your strongest attribute is?

reating compelling characters that draw you in whether good or bad.
2. Do you prefer to write sweet romances or gritter, like your MC books?
I prefer sensual romance.
3. What has been your hardest scene to write and why?
Writing sex scenes can be annoying at times.  some people say there is not enough sex some people say there is too much. It’s hard to find the right balance at times.
4. What, if any, changes do you feel we need in the Indie community?
I would like to see more diversity and inclusion. I feel like I have separate pods of author friends. It would be nice for them to mix and mingle more and not be so separated. 
5. To you, what makes a good book great??
  Dynamic characters, a great story that drags you in makes you want to turn the page. Physical reaction if I can make a reader cry, laugh, want to throw their kindle across the room, I know I wrote a great book. 
6. How do you figure out conflict in your books? Or do you just allow that conflict to flow organically?
I allow it to flow organically when I can. That way it feels more real.  I will plot a little bit so I have a general direction, but then I kinda let it flow from there. 
7. What is the hardest part of writing for you?
Finding the time to do it.  Because I edit as well Sometimes I have clients that need their books right away and it pushes my books back.  Or it is noisy in my house. I need quiet or white noise when I write and that is not always accessible at my house.  lol I used to write a lot during happy hour after work (the bar is great for white noise.) But since this pandemic, I haven’t been able to do that.
8. What has been your biggest accomplishment? What has been an experience you’ve learned the most from?
I would say most recently, I had the opportunity to pitch my book idea to a literary agent and was able to obtain her services to submit my books to larger publishing houses that will get my voice out to a bigger audience.  I learned that my words are more important than I think.  I thought I didn’t have the chops for this, but I guess I do.
9. How do you create your characters?
They create themselves.  If that even makes sense.  my characters speak to me, and I just write their antics.  Physical attributes sometimes I get from the premade cover or the models on covers but after that their personalities come through as I’m writing.
10. The best advice you’ve been given?
Keep writing, cause you are better at this than you think.  
Hadley Raydeen has been both traditionally and self-published for seven years. In total, she has published 14 books with more titles on the horizon. Most of her books are set in contemporary times, regularly dealing with multicultural relationships. Hadley is also an editor of Romance and Erotica for ten plus years, with well over 200 books edited for some of your favorite authors. By day, she is a Human Resources professional for a top corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At night she lets loose with sordid tales of romance and sexy times.
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