Review: If She Were Blind by Laney Wylde

If She Were Blind is the first book in a the After 12 series by Laney Wylde. I love both those names…but I am really in love/lust with After 12. when you find out the meaning behind it I think you will be too. Sometimes when you read a new author, especially one that you fall in love with their first book, you wonder if it is going to be a one hit wonder or will they be able to continuously give you the goods. Wylde has delivered the goods again with If She Were Blind.

Estlyn Collins is a 25 year old lawyer who gets called in when someone has tried every legal recourse and the hands of justice has been tied. She is someone you want on your side. Having lived through the foster system, tragedy and injustice herself, she has a different point of view on how to get the perfect justice all while trying to keep herself in the shadows.

Wylde does a skillful job on weaving a story that is dark, intricate and thought provoking. Her heroine is someone that I would love to pick the mind of. A strong, independent woman who having seen the horrors of the world longs to set wrongs right. Even when putting herself, at times, too close to the fire.

Yet, with her latest case she may have just chosen the wrong move.

As with any book I review I try not to spoil them for you, so please be warned that there are twists, turns, corners, and walls that come up out of no where. Laney Wylde may just be a magician with her ability to conjure the perfect scenarios and the ways out that no one else can see.

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