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📖Review: Reputation by A..

📖Review: Reputation by Adriana Locke

Adriana Locke has done it again! I freely admit I enjoy reading Locke’s stories. She has a way of making you feel like you’re in the book, living out the scenes. The story of Coy and Bellamy is a sweet second chance romance. Other than Coy being a country music star, his character is basically the boy next door that all the girls are drooling over. Bellamy is Coy’s childhood best friend and first love. Watching them struggle through the […]

Posted January 2, 2021

📚Review: Truth, Lies and..

📚Review: Truth, Lies and Second Dates by MaryJanice Davidson

Truth, Lies, and Second dates was filled with witty banter, hilarious moments, and great characters. I truly enjoyed the mystery aspect that MaryJanice Davidson based the story around. I truly enjoyed the way Davidson’s characters acted. Tom was very blunt, sexy and didn’t lie. In all his actions you could see there was something about him, other than being highly intelligent. For anyone who knows or loves someone on the Autism spectrum you would recognize the signs. This wasn’t made […]

Posted January 2, 2021

Blitz: Love or Family by TK..

Blitz: Love or Family by TK Cherry

The Family Business: Love or Family by TK Cherry (Book 1)  Buy Now →→ Add to your TBR →→   Blurb:   As the next in the line of succession to a global empire, Ford Cooper Pope is royalty. But beneath his cocky façade lies a broken man filled with self-doubt. He once longed to leave the unattainable expectations of his father behind and run away with the love of his life. He was willing to sacrifice everything […]

Posted December 30, 2020
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Review: Hypocritically Your..

Review: Hypocritically Yours by Hayley Faiman

Hailey Faiman packs a punch with Hypocritically Yours. She sets a ton for Tennessee’s story in the first chapter. Being in a traumatic situation you would think that Tenny would run and hide from the world, and she does for a while, but when she comes back to life she does it with fierceness. Landry is suffering through life unhappy in every way that matters. Just living day to day until he is told to interview a young woman. Hypocritically […]

Posted December 28, 2020

Release Blitz: Doc by K.L. ..

Release Blitz: Doc by K.L. Savage

Title: Doc Series: Ruthless Kings MC #7 Author: K.L. Savage Genre: Dark Romance/Romantic Suspense Release Date: November 4, 2020   BLURB   She holds a special place in my heart.     The darkest part of it.   A part I never show anyone. From the moment we met, I wanted to show her all my scars, the need I hide inside.Joanna. The woman who wears long sleeve shirts on a hundred-degree day. She’s been away at college and when […]

Posted November 4, 2020

Review: Rise of the Raven b..

Review: Rise of the Raven by Joci Grace Morgan

Rise of the Raven is the debut book of the up and coming author, Joci Grace Morgan. I wasn’t sure what to expect, except paranormal and romance. Rise of the Raven is so much more than that. For being a debut book I was prepared to find some flaws that new authors tend to make. It’s par for the course. Nope! Not a one!! I actually asked if this was truly her debut. I was shocked and excited. I foresee […]

Posted October 21, 2020

Review: A Ruthless Hallowee..

Review: A Ruthless Halloween by K.L. Savage

Holy wow! KL Savage will keep you guessing even after this book is over. Bringing all your favorite Ruthless Kings together to get your heart racing as they try to solve the trick. Savage is a one click for me. From their tougher than nails and hotter than hell men to their women who fight for what they want and love. Absolutely the best Halloween Novella I’ve read to date!!

Posted October 20, 2020

Review: Amongst the Chaos b..

Review: Amongst the Chaos by Samatha Harris

Author: Samatha Harris Title: Amongst the Chaos Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: October 17, 2020 Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing Cover Designer: BookSmith Design    Available now!  Amazon US: All links: Chloe Anderson is a good girl. She doesn’t just follow the rules—she writes them. As an HR consultant who lives her life by the book, Chloe carefully cultivates every detail of her life to ensure a happy and successful future. Inheriting a male strip club wasn’t part of the plan. Grayson Wyatt […]

Posted October 19, 2020

Review: Pirate by K.L. Sava..

Review: Pirate by K.L. Savage

Pirate is a book that will grab you fast and rip your heart to shreds. Savage has a gift for somehow one upping herself with each and every book. Pirate is no exception. He is a broken man, whose past will not let him find peace. Sunnie has never had the life that any person deserves, and her future looks even more grim. Savage tackles hard topics such as substance abuse but with such heart and compassion that you genuinely […]

Posted October 2, 2020

📣⭐️Spotlight Author:..

📣⭐️Spotlight Author: RR Born⭐️📣

With the few signings I have been blessed to attend I have met some of the most amazing people. RR Born is no exception. She has the biggest, warmest smile and puts you right at ease (even if you’re in a state from all the networking you’ve been doing). She is just such a calming presence. I can’t wait for y’all to get to know her. So without further ado please dive in and get to know this beautiful soul.

Posted September 22, 2020