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2021 Wrap Up – My fav..

2021 Wrap Up – My favorites of the year

I have sat down to write a couple reviews this week. Every time words escaped me because they were that dayum good. I think 2021 has been the year for paranormal romance, at least for me it has.  They are in my top reads of this year. So, I figured why not add them to my 2021 wrap up. Read  on to find my favorite books/series of this year. Now as always, these are books I read this year. Some […]

Posted December 31, 2021

A Very Christmas Rossi by Q..

A Very Christmas Rossi by Quinn Marlowe

A Very Rossi Christmas is the debut novella by Quinn Marlowe. It is explosive, steamy, and intriguing. Quinn Marlowe has blown the door of newcomer right off the hinges. A Very Rossi Christmas puts a well executed spin on a star crossed lovers plot. The whole book had me on the edge of my seat, waiting to find out The who, what, where and definitely the why. Beautifully written, the story invites you to come in and kick off your […]

Posted December 14, 2021

📚Spotlight Author: Saman..

📚Spotlight Author: Samantha McCoy📚

YAY! Today I get to bring you another amazing author, Samantha McCoy. Yes I’ve met her and yes I think she’s amazing. Sadly I have no pics of me and her to share with you because I’m a forgetful person and was too busy oohing and awwing over her grand baby, Master D. He was just itty bitty and is sooo cute. 1. How much has changed in the industry since you began your career? I’m not sure if the […]

Posted February 2, 2021

Review: Knives by KL Savage

Review: Knives by KL Savage

I am such a fan of KL Savage. With every book they are able to make you feel for their characters. Each story is unique and fresh. They have been able to build a world that is realistic, terrifying in ways and yet completely addictive. Knives is book 10 in the Ruthless King series. Savage continues to impress me with every book that I devour. Yes, I devour their writings like they are the air I need to live. I […]

Posted January 12, 2021

Review: Ruthless Christmas ..

Review: Ruthless Christmas by KL Savage

The Groundskeeper from Ruthless Halloween is making his presence known again. KL Savage has brought back an almost perfect antagonist in Groundskeeper. A man who knows more than most about the Ruthless Kings. He aims and hits his mark with precision. That doesn’t mean he takes them out, just that he keeps the club on their guard. I love how Savage twists the club around. You’d think that after all that these men and women have gone through that there […]

Posted January 12, 2021

Spotlight Author: Anna Lore..

Spotlight Author: Anna Lores

In 2019 Joe & I went to Delightfully Dirty in Dallas. There we got to meet the beautiful and talented Anna Lores. Sadly it was a short meeting (and sadly no pictures were taken). So this interview has helped me learn more about her. Q & A K: Does writing energize or exhaust you? AL: Writing can both energize and exhaust me. When I’m writing a portion of a story that is emotional, I’m feeling those emotions and it can […]

Posted January 11, 2021

📖Review: Reputation by A..

📖Review: Reputation by Adriana Locke

Adriana Locke has done it again! I freely admit I enjoy reading Locke’s stories. She has a way of making you feel like you’re in the book, living out the scenes. The story of Coy and Bellamy is a sweet second chance romance. Other than Coy being a country music star, his character is basically the boy next door that all the girls are drooling over. Bellamy is Coy’s childhood best friend and first love. Watching them struggle through the […]

Posted January 2, 2021

📚Review: Truth, Lies and..

📚Review: Truth, Lies and Second Dates by MaryJanice Davidson

Truth, Lies, and Second dates was filled with witty banter, hilarious moments, and great characters. I truly enjoyed the mystery aspect that MaryJanice Davidson based the story around. I truly enjoyed the way Davidson’s characters acted. Tom was very blunt, sexy and didn’t lie. In all his actions you could see there was something about him, other than being highly intelligent. For anyone who knows or loves someone on the Autism spectrum you would recognize the signs. This wasn’t made […]

Posted January 2, 2021

Blitz: Love or Family by TK..

Blitz: Love or Family by TK Cherry

The Family Business: Love or Family by TK Cherry (Book 1)  Buy Now →→ Add to your TBR →→   Blurb:   As the next in the line of succession to a global empire, Ford Cooper Pope is royalty. But beneath his cocky façade lies a broken man filled with self-doubt. He once longed to leave the unattainable expectations of his father behind and run away with the love of his life. He was willing to sacrifice everything […]

Posted December 30, 2020
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Review: Hypocritically Your..

Review: Hypocritically Yours by Hayley Faiman

Hailey Faiman packs a punch with Hypocritically Yours. She sets a ton for Tennessee’s story in the first chapter. Being in a traumatic situation you would think that Tenny would run and hide from the world, and she does for a while, but when she comes back to life she does it with fierceness. Landry is suffering through life unhappy in every way that matters. Just living day to day until he is told to interview a young woman. Hypocritically […]

Posted December 28, 2020