★.•*♥*•.★REVIEW: Wished for You by KD Robichaux★.•*♥*•.★


Holy hell!! For this being KD Robichaux’s debut book I’m blown away by all the feelings I had reading it. This whole trilogy is actually based on Robichaux’s relationship with her husband.

KD’s storytelling makes you feel as though your besties sitting around sharing a bottle of wine, as she tells you her and Jason’s story. You get so engrossed in what she’s telling you that you forget your glass and can actually picture everything, vividly.

I have to say when I read her prologue I was shocked to read this was her true story. KD lays it out there, leaving very little to the imagination. And I fucking loved it!! I’m a very blunt and straightforward type of person, so it was right up my alley.


I so don’t want to give all of the story away because I could not do it justice. You truly have to read and experience all the feels for yourself. KD Robichaux brings her A game to the literary world. She holds nothing back as she talks about her life, the lack of the big O, and finally having her first one ever. I love how she lays it all out there, putting her real life romance out there for the masses to judge.

I felt her boredom, her excitement, my heart beat faster when Jason would enter a room! And my heart broke in the last chapter. I truly wasn’t expecting that to happen. Now I have to kiss my hubby and promise fun things so I can go buy Book 2, Wish He Was You.


The only thing that has helped my poor heart is knowing that my girl Kayla gets her HEA, because if that didn’t happen I would be making a trip down to Texas to kick some ass.

So ladies pull up a chair, get a glass of wine, get cozy, and dive in. You will be glad you did. Just remember no breaking the glass during the last chapter. You can’t shank someone when it eventually turns out the way the way it was meant to be.

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