★.•*♥*•.★REVIEW: Collateral Damage by A.M. Myers★.•*♥*•.★


A while ago I was asked to read and review a book called Hidden Scars by A.M. Myers. It was her debut book. I loved it, completely totally loved it. Recently, I was once again contacted. This time to read Collateral Damage, book two of the Hidden Scars series. And Myers has done it again…..nailed it!

I was brought back into the world of Emma and Nix, but not directly. Collateral Damage focuses on Emma’s best friend and brother, Daisy and Tucker. It is during the same time frame of Hidden Scars. So reading HS first is highly recommended. Tucker has known Daisy since she was little. She was always in his life. Daisy had a crush on Tucker since she was little. At first that sweet little school girl crush that developed into a teenage girls crush. What Daisy didn’t know is that Tucker had noticed her.


After an experience with his first “love” Kali, Tucker never thought he would be worthy of anyone’s love. That he was somehow unworthy. So he kept his distance from Daisy. Wanting her to only have what she deserved. He kept her at a distance, until he didn’t.


On a night fueled with booze, Tucker shows up at Daisy’s house. He shows up expressing concern over Emma’s relationship with Ryan. As Daisy tries to talk sense into Tucker, her dreams become realized…..Tucker kisses her and then runs from her house.


Myers writes an epic story. One filled with love, lust, fear, feelings of unworthiness, and second chances. Daisy is the best friend everyone wants, Sweet, kind, caring, lovable, loyal, and funny. She is the girl you root for. Someone who deserves all the happiness she can find. Tucker is hot, romantic, smart, and yet still distant. Can these two people who seem destined to be together ever find their way to one another? Will Tucker ever find that he is every bit worthy of Daisy’s love??

Myers blows me away every time I get to read her work. Her debut and now her second novel have made me like a drug fiend, I can’t wait for my next fix. So join me in my addiction and let A.M. Myers take you away for a while.


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