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New Release: Twisted Time by Candi Fox

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Author Candi Fox
Series: The Killing Chronicles
Genre: PNR/TimeTravel/Old West

Available on #KindleUnlimited

Her lover lies in a magickally induced coma after being brutally attacked by an unknown creature.
Emma convinced the only way to save him is to somehow travel back in time to 1875 to prevent the creation of the creature, places her trust in a woman who turns out to be an enemy in more ways than one.
Nora has ulterior motives when she offers to help. She wants Cord for her own purposes. Both women want the same man. One will save him; one will doom us all. Which will he choose? Are Cord and Emma doomed before they start? Can they stop hell from being unleashed upon the world?

About the Author:

From the time that she was 2 years old, Candi Fox has had a deep connection to the paranormal.
It was at that young age that Fox saw her first apparition. From then on, the paranormal seemed to follow her, leaving her wondering if she was drawing the spirits to herself.
She is a student of the occult, magick and voodoo, and has studied with the world’s top psychics. She has her Mastery of Reiki, as well. Outside of the paranormal, she is passionate about horseback riding and horse rescue and rehabilitation.
In addition to hosting her radio show, Fox is a writer, and uses her experience with the paranormal, along with her own life traumas, to write about difficult subjects from a grounded and realistic perspective 

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