Review: Angel by Kristine Allen

Angel (RBMC: Ankeny IA) by Kristine Allen
Genres: MC Romance, Paranormal Romance
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Angel is the second book in the Royal Bastards Ankeny Iowa series.
I’m Jude “Angel” Bearheart—newly appointed Enforcer for the Ankeny RBMC. They didn’t call me the Angel of Death for nothing. I do the “disposal and cleaning” for the club.
Ridding the world of evil, was my justification for my actions. I was the executioner when the judge and jury failed the victims.
When I found myself at the wrong end of her gun, the hunter became the hunted. Angry brown eyes flashing fire, she had the nerve to demand an exchange I never saw coming.
A dirty politician gunning for us on one side, and a rival club on the other, we were trapped. Trying to find a way out while I kept her alive, would take a miracle.
Except I found myself moving heaven and hell to protect her—because she was mine.

If you are new to Kristine Allen, be prepared to hold on tight for this ride. Allen is known for her MC romance book but Angel pushes her from amazing to phenomenal. Taking a leap into the paranormal MC was just what she needed to do. Bringing her wicked insight into a new genre adds even more spice to her stories.


As always Kristine Allen sweeps in to her world with just her prologue. She makes your heart hurt, she  makes you care more than you expect and then she rips you into pieces. Sometimes I think she enjoys putting her readers through all that pain just to stitch them up at the end. It takes a talented writer to bring out so much emotion within just a few short pages.


Angel is a just one reason to one click any book written by Kristine Allen. He’s just one of many steamy hawt af alpha male to stalk Allen’s work. So start her and then go explore the rest of her backlist.

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