Saturday Snippet featuring Aisha Urooj


Do you have a friend that makes you smile on the darkest of days?

I do! I have my best friend, Ellie.

If you are lucky enough to have a best friend, what would you do for them? Would you stand up for them? Fight the last person on Earth for them? Die for them, or give them your kidney?

Said yes so far? Surely your love for your friend is wonderful… but what if I asked: Would you be willing to live through heartbreaks over a thousand lifetimes, just to be with your friend together until the last breath?

Would you only do it for your best friend, or someone else you loved? It got a little complicated now, didn’t it?

How would you choose, I wonder?



Aisha Urooj is a multi-genre indie author of fiction and fantasy. She lives in Toronto, Ontario and has currently written 10 novels to date. You can follow her writing journey on her blog at or by subscribing to her newsletter at

Love and Friendship Series

Book 1: My Dear Ellie

Book 2: Eleanor’s Travels

Book 3: Ellie’s Fate (2 July 2022 release)

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