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“What the fuck!” Rhone yelled. Jordan and my heads shot toward the door so fast I thought we’d have whiplash. There Rhone stood, shooting daggers at us. His face was an ugly shade of red, not due to embarrassment. No, man, he was fucking pissed.

          Shit busted.

          With Rhone’s voice a hundred decibels higher than any man’s voice should be, of course, Ely heard and had to come and check out what was up. “What’s wr—” he froze, eyes locked on us. “You’re defiling our laundry!” he screeched. “My eyes! My eyes!” he repeated, burying his face in his hands as he took off.

          “Dude, no,” Rhone pleaded, shaking his head. “Your house is across the fucking street, and you mean to tell me you couldn’t wait until you made the five-minute walk for this?” his hand wildly flailing as he gestured between Jordan and me.

          “Hey man, when the mood strikes,” I teased, though the humor fell flat. Rhone was livid. “Sorry, not sorry?” My smartass rhetoric only worsened it.

          “Let me get this straight,” Rhone crossed his arms over his chest, and I knew this wasn’t going to go well.

          “Ain’t nothing straight in this room,” Jordan smirked, zipping up my pants, then stood as he mockingly wiped the corners of his mouth. I forgot my dick was still hanging out. Rhone’s screech sent it into hiding. I hoped Jordan would finish what he started, bring it back to life, and cross the finish line. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d had an audience, I kind of enjoyed exhibitionism, if truth be told. I usually ramped up my performance with killer word of mouth —total pun intended— ratings.

          “Sucking his dick in my laundry room, in my fucking house, is not cool!” Rhone growled back at Jordan.

          “Our house and I will need massive amounts of therapy that they’ll be paying for to rid my brain of those images!” Ely shouted from somewhere in the kitchen.

          Their overreaction forced an eye roll, “You’re both being ridiculous. We’re all adults here, not like you haven’t watched porn before.”

          “Not live!” Ely complained.

          “Okay, the party’s over. Take this shit back to your place because I’ve had enough for one day.” Rhone announced, shaking his head while bitching as he walked away.

          “Dude, come on,” I pleaded, though I couldn’t tell you why. As I followed Rhone further into the house, at some point after Jordan and I had snuck off for a quick cleansing of blue balls, everyone had cleared out. I sincerely hope it wasn’t because of us. If we ruined Ely’s graduation party, I’d feel like shit.

          “No worries, I’m out of here anyway. All of you are lame as fuck,” Jordan said as he squeezed past Rhone and me and quickly exited.

          “What?” I questioned Rhone’s evil glare.

          He pointed at the door, “Out. Follow your consort. I’ve had enough for one day. Oh, and by the way, thanks for ruining Ely’s party.”

          “I did no such thing,” I protested, though I wasn’t sure we hadn’t. “the party was winding down before we got comfortable.” Worse, at least in my eyes, I never got to come. Shit shriveled up at the first shriek.

          “Out!” Rhone demanded, pointing toward the front door.

TL Travis is an award-winning published author of LGBTQIA+ contemporary romance and erotic musings that have earned “Best-Selling Author” flags in the US as well as Internationally.

When she’s not busy spinning steamy webs, she enjoys spending time with her family, going to concerts, wine tasting, and people watching. With every face, there’s a story and half the fun is dreaming up what it could be.

TL is surrounded by her extensive 4-legged rescue family, her sons, and adorable grandkids. She will continuesaving furry friends in need for as long as she lives. Tl would like to remind you to “Adopt, not shop.” Saving that lost soul may very well be the one you need.

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** All excerpts are published with permission from the author. My Blissful Books claims no copyright. This excerpt is UNEDITED. **

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