Dang, it’s been so long since I’ve been on here. That is going to change. This blog started out as a way for me to get all my thoughts and feelings about my love for books out. It was my go to place. That soon spread into my reading group, My Bissful Books Readers.

I have been in the indie book community for over 7 years now. Wow! That’s seems so long but to me it hasn’t been. I was pulled out of retirement from doing personal assistant work in 2020. Not to long after Blissful Services was born.

Slowly my time to read, review and blog started to diminish. Which to honest has broken my heart. As this is where I began and where my heart lies. So that being said I am going to be back on here more often. It may be a review or just a regular post. Just making the decision to make this a weekly part of my busy life has me excited for the future of this blog.


I will be blogging about tips, tricks, books, signing events and all the great things that come with the Indie book community.


So until next week!

Smooches & Dueces


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