Review: Tapping Out by Nikki Ash

Review: Tapping Out by Nikki AshTapping out (A Fighting Love novel Book 1) by Nikki Ash

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Being a fighter is in my blood. My grandfather was a fighter, my father was a fighter, and I'm a fighter. I live for the rush of adrenaline and sensation of victory. When I fight, I give it my all. I step into the octagon and I fight until there's nothing left to fight for.

He's been my best friend for most of my life. I've fought with him, fought against him, and for the longest time I fought for him, for us. Until he pushed me away, leaving me no choice but to tap-out.


Fighting is what saved me. It shed the old me and I became a newer shinier version of myself. Until it took away everything I loved. I gave up and tapped out.

Then one day, she came back into my life and reminded me that some things in life are worth fighting for. Now I'm fighting for us, day by day, proving to her that our happily ever after is worth fighting for.

This book is a stand-alone MMA romance.

This was my introduction book into the writing of Nikki Ash. And I am now a huge fan. I love MMA fighter books and had yet to read about a female fighter. So color me stoked to be able to find one. Nikki Ash writes a strong female heroine in Bella. Someone who knows what hard work is and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Marco is Bella’s best friend and the man she falls in love with. The one man who, it seems, can get past her walls every time. The only man who can completely destroy her or make her shine.
Marco is scared of the feelings he has for Bella. He loves her but worries how those feelings will effect his relationship with the only family he has, hers. He runs every time he gets close to getting letting those emotions take control.
Nikki has written characters that grab at your attention and won’t let it go. Highly recommend this MMA book to anyone who wants a great plot, ass kicking characters, and an amazing read.

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