Review: Before Hadley by J. Nathan


Sit back and read as Hadley and Caynan’s ruin each other and yet save each other as well. One night changes both their lives. For Hadley it changes her perspective on everything. For Caynan it frees him, in ways he never expected and yet enprisions him. 

Hadley is a typical teenage girl. Beautiful, intelligent, friendly, confident, and very self assured. She is not looking for a boyfriend when Caynan bursts into her life at a party. Caynan is a new student from Britian. He’s a baseball player, very charismatic, and bound and determined to win over Hadley. Caynan is also keeping some very big secrets. 

Unsure of the when, why, or how Hadley finds herself falling for Caynan. He is not what his public persona tends to lead most people to believe. There is just something about Hadley that draws him in. For Hadley, Caynan is does the same. Pulling her in like a moth to a flame. And just like that moth Hadley gets burned when Caynan’s secrets come to light.

Three years pass, Hadley has moved on with her life (or so it may seem) when once again Caynan blasts back into her life. This time with an apology, one that he has been writing to her every week for the last three years. Letters that Hadley has refused to read, yet never gotten rid of. 

Sometimes in life you find someone who you love and that loves you but secrets, pasts, or life itself pulls you away from. Before Hadley is that story. You can’t help but root for Caynan and Hadley. You want them to end up together, even after all that occurs to them and between them. You want the HEA even with all the hurt that has happened. 

I wanted to see Hadley’s wall crumble. Hell I wanted to leap into the story and fix it myself! J. Nathan has done a great job of bringing complex characters to life. Watching them evolve and grow, fall and get up, fight for what they wanted was truly enjoyable. 

Hadley’s attitude and the banter between her and Caynan grabs you and pulls you in. 
Side Note: 

Yanno, sometimes writing reviews is really hard. I don’t want to share everything with you, especially huge spoilers. Usually I can find a way to get around doing just that but this story makes it almost impossible. 

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