Saturday Snippet featuring Addict by Ivy Love


I watch as her face twists in confusion.

“Why?” she asks.

At this point, Jazz isn’t even trying to hide it anymore and is laughing outright.

I can’t fight my smile either, she’s stunning, but right now she looks adorable.  Her face is scrunched up and she looks like she’s trying to figure out an unsolvable math problem.

“Why what?”

A small scowl crosses her face, “You know exactly what I mean.”

Jazz leans back, “I’m enjoying this so much right now.  I told you so,” she taunts Liv.

“Told me what?”

“How you looked hot tonight and he was looking at you.”

“Whatever,” Liv says.

“Actually, she isn’t wrong,” I chime in.

Her head swivels towards me.

“What?  You have looked in a mirror lately, right?

“Uhm, well, yes.  But what does that have to do anything?” She stutters.

“Damn, someone did a number on you, didn’t they?”

“It’s whatever,” she says, brushing me off.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to hang around and try to change your mind.”

“Oh, you think you’re going to stick around?”

I sling my arm around her, “Absolutely.”

“I like him,” Jazz grins, widely.

“Of course, you do,” Liv says, rolling her eyes.

I expect Liv to shrug my arm off her shoulder, but she lets me keep it there.  I wasn’t lying, she is stunningly gorgeous, even if she doesn’t realize it.  From the moment I saw her, I couldn’t take my eyes off her and she’s even more enigmatic than I could have ever thought.  But she clearly has some issues.

“You do know Jazz is way hotter and more popular right?” she asks, twisting her body toward mine.

Jazz laughs loudly.

“That’s your opinion,” I grin.

“Actually, it’s a fact.”

I open my mouth to disagree with her, but she waves me off.  “I’m aware beauty isn’t quantifiable, but popularity is, and Jazz is pretty damn popular.”

She crosses her arms.

“Fine, you’re right about popularity, but you are aware you’re beautiful, right?”

“Nope.  I don’t think she does,” Jazz says.

“I know I’m not an unattractive person, but there are levels to beauty.  I’m just not on the same level as Jazz.”

“Okay, fine, let’s leave that argument for now.  Don’t you think you’re popular by association?” I ask.

“He’s not wrong, people know when I’m around, you’re going to be close by.  I mean they kind of expect it,” Jazz grins.

Liv scoots away, shrugging my arm from her shoulder.

“You guys suck,” she states matter-of-factly.

“Whatever, you know you love me.  I can’t speak for him. If I had to guess, he’s feeling exasperated.” Jazz teases.

Liv starts laughing and I can’t help but stare.  I’m not trying to be a creep, but I’m drawn to her.

Liv downs the drink in front of her and motions for another.  She is putting them back.

“Alright, I know when I’m no longer wanted.  I’ll leave if you give me your phone for just a second.”

Jazz smiles widely and I can see why she’s so popular.  She’s friendly, beautiful, and clearly loves her friend.  But there’s something about Liv’s eyes that draw a person in.  I can’t put my finger on what it is, but it’s intoxicating.

Jazz tilts her head, waiting for her to respond.  It’s like they’re having a conversation with each other through their eyes.  Eventually, Liv hands over her phone to me.  Jazz must have won that conversation.

I find her messages and quickly type a message out to myself.  I hand the phone back to her.

“All done.  Ladies, thank you for the wonderful company.”  I smile, “I’ll be talking with you soon, Liv.” I give her a quick wink and wander back over to my area.

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Simply put… I’m a lover of reading, writing, high heels and animals. 
When I’m not writing, I’m working in the legal field or playing with my five, yes, five rescue dogs. When I was in grade school, I was your classic nerd. I spent more time reading books “above my grade level” and getting lost in them, instead of paying attention to the people around me. I loved the journey each book would take me on. I still do. When I was thirteen I picked up a pencil and wrote my first hundred page story. It was the moment I realized I could not only lose myself in books, but in my own words. That was the moment I fell in love with writing.
I write because I have to. I have stories to tell and want to share them with all of you. Whether you end up liking my books or not, I appreciate that you took the time to check me out.
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