Review: Venus Wedding by Golden Angel

Review: Venus Wedding by Golden AngelVenus Wedding: an MFM romance (Venus Rising Quartet Book 5) by Golden Angel
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You are cordially invited to the wedding of the season...

Having found each other and their happily-ever-after, Jessica, Justin, and Chris are preparing to make their commitment as official as a threesome can. In the presence of their supportive family and friends, they plan to exchange their vows and celebrate the love and uniqueness of their relationship.

But what awaits them on their special day is no fairy tale. Not everyone in their lives has accepted their uncommon bond. And one of the guests isn't attending the wedding... he's trying to stop it.

Venus Wedding is a follow-up to the Venus Rising Quartet and the Stronghold Series. While it may be read as a standalone, it will be more enjoyable for those who have completed the Venus Rising Quartet. Like the Venus Rising books, this is a high-heat MFM romantic adventure. Proceed with caution (or excitement ;)!

In all honesty I was weary about reading Venus Wedding. Not because it had BDSM nor because it was MFM, but because every book that I had read with a poly couple the book was all about the sex and not the relationship. So I have to thank Golden Angel for breaking that trend for me. Angel has crafted a book that’s so beautifully tells the story of best friends who have fallen in love with and plan on marrying the same woman.

Angel brought to life a relationship that is so realistic that you know it’s happening to someone. This is not an all lollipops and sugar kisses book. There is estrangement, resentment, loss, happiness, forgiveness and most of all love. Watching as Justin, Chris and Jessica approach what should be the most beautiful day thus far in their relationship, while others try to get the wedding canceled is heart wrenching. Will they make it out as husbands and wife? Will the one who wishes their relationship disappear win?? Will those estranged come together? Angel brings you a beautiful story that will tug at your heart.

Gorgeously written and beautifully executed Venus Wedding is a must read.

I now have high hopes that I will find more books in this genre that treat the relationship as more than just a side to the sex. Not saying the sex parts aren’t worth reading. They will definitely spice up your day and hopefully your night. I look forward to reading more of Golden Angel’s work.

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