Book Review: Breaking Hollywood by Samantha Towle

Book Review: Breaking  Hollywood by Samantha TowleBreaking Hollywood by Samantha Towle
Genres: Romance

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A hot and hilarious standalone romance from New York Times bestselling author Samantha Towle…

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I wasn’t supposed to be boyfriendless, homeless, and jobless at twenty-eight. And I most definitely wasn’t supposed to hit Hollywood’s resident bad boy Gabriel Evans with my car and break his foot.

Now, my guilt and homelessness have me living in his apartment, taking care of him, while he’s incapacitated.

Living with the hottest guy in Hollywood, who I’ve had a crush on forever, doesn’t sound like a chore, right?


Gabriel Evans is a crude, rude asshole who drinks way too much and smokes like a chimney.

The sooner I get a new place to live and when Gabriel’s foot is healed, I’m out of here.

So, why do I keep forgetting to check the classifieds? And why do I keep getting flustered when I see him shirtless?

Breaking Hollywood wasn’t part of the plan. But neither is falling in love with him.

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One of the things I love about my blogging life is what I blog about, books. I have traveled all over the world and lived so many different lives. I am so blessed to have this blog, to have you my followers, and the amazing generous authors who send me their babies (books) for me to read and pretty much critique. I have been fortunate that I’ve yet to read a book sent to me that I’ve disliked. So thank you to all that read my little blog and listen to my ramblings, I truly appreciate it and you.

So today I bring to you Breaking Hollywood by Samantha Towle. If you’ve ever read Towle’s books then you know she usually has you hook, line, and sinker by the end of chapter 1. Did she pull it out this time??? Seriously you needed to ask that question?? SMH. Absolutely she did! She introduced us to Ava Simms, who is in the midst of having a crisis. Jobless, boyfriendless, and soon to be homeless, Ava is totally inside her own head when she runs over a speed bump. Did I say speed bump, well, I meant a person’s foot. I’ve done this in real life so I can vouch this is a very plausible scene (sorry honey!!). Enter Hollywood’s current bad boy/sex idol, Gabriel Evans. Yep she ran his freaking foot over, sorry I still chuckle over that. All he wanted to do was make sure that the sobbing mess of a woman he saw was okay and that’s how he get repaid. Stop smirking!?! I know I’m not the only one who smirked over that scene.

Ava, being the kind-hearted person she is, insists on driving a very ticked off Gabriel to the hospital. She can’t just let him attempt to take of this himself. Some how in the midst of getting his foot looked at she agrees to help him while his personal assistant is off. By doing this she lands herself a place to stay, a job (even if for a short time), and the headache of dealing with a man who is known for not letting anyone get close.

Somehow this woman who does nothing but ramble and does not find Gabriel’s fame in the least bit attractive (that’s only his fame y’all, You know she finds him smoking hot) worms her way into his life. When past secrets are brought to the light will they crumble under the pressure?? Or will they learn how to maneuver through Hollywood and that paparazzi?? When Ava is framed for releasing Gabriel’s secret to the press, will Gabriel ever believe her? Will their love survive?? Only one way to find out, pick up Breaking Hollywood!

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