Review: Poisonous Whispers by Jana Begovic

Review: Poisonous Whispers by Jana Begovic

Poisonous Whispers is a very well written book. It has passion, drama, infidelity, conflict, love and forgiveness. So why is it I couldn’t just lose myself in this book? Grrrr…I am so mad at myself that I could not love this book. It hits literally every little box on my checklist for me to love it. Yet, I just don’t. I’m seriously hoping this passes and when I give it a reread in the future I fall in love with it.

Begovic has written a beautiful epic love story with well fleshed out characters in David, Adrian and Leandra. Leandra is trying to find out why she can’t move on from her affair. She has an amazing and loving husband yet she feels as though she has a deep unwavering connection to her ex-lover.

Poisonous Whispers leads you through several of Leandra’s previous lives, as seen through her eyes. Find where the people from her present fit into her past. Let the book make you wonder if we keep repeating the same mistakes and if we are just stumbling from life to life trying to find the one who seems to continuously get away.

I’m giving this book a 4 star rating simply because it is so well written and thought out. Not to mention I should have fallen in love with it, I just didn’t. I hope that you take a chance on it and fall. I plan on rereading it eventually and seeing if I change my mind.

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