**Review** Alisha Ashton’s Illusions, Inc. Agent: Graham Chambers

I was given Illusions, Inc. Agent: Graham Chambers for a honest review by the author Alisha Ashton.


Alisha Ashton drew me into a world that was full of twists, suspense, and romance. She spins a story that you want to be a part of.

It all starts with an author who could be deemed a recluse, Sorena. Beautiful and intelligent but closed off to the world after having her life upended by a “fan.”  **This is really hard not to give spoilers, because I really want to discuss the whole book lol, It is a must read** Leslie, Sorena’s publicist and friend, believes that Sorena needs to start bringing in more of publicity. In enters Graham Chambers, a male escort. He is being paid to accompany Sorena on her blog tour.

During the blog tour Sorena’s life is once again upended. By who is the mystery! Alisha has you questioning everyone’s ulterior motives. During all of this Sorena and Graham grow closer and closer. The lines between their reality and their “pretend” grow thinner. When danger rears its ugly head and everyone is left shocked and speechless. The danger that was thought to be kept at bay is closer than anyone realized.

This is seriously a great very well thought out, written book. The characters become so real that you can imagine them being part of your own life. I would recommend this to anyone who loves suspenseful romance books! I would definitely give this book a 5/5 stars rating!

I personally can’t wait to see what the next book Alisha Ashton has to offer. She is an author to watch out for!

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