Review: Rumors by Phil M. Williams

Review: Rumors by Phil M. WilliamsRumors by Phil M. Williams

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A high school ruled by small-town politics.A rural community ruled by rumors.The truth may set them free. But are they ready for it?
The residents of West Lake are resistant to change and afraid of confrontation. They’re happy to punch in and punch out and complain about the boss man. They’re friendly to your face but spiteful behind your back. They have their farms and their football, but, underneath that small-town veneer, there’s envy and self-hatred and greed.
Principal Janet Wilcox is a modern-day Machiavelli of small-town politics, playing the school board and the community like a banjo. Coach Rick Barnett finds himself squarely in her sights when an up-and-coming quarterback challenges her son’s starting position.
Gwen Townsend’s the new teacher in town. She’s a beautiful woman with a secret. She picked the wrong place to hide from her past. Caleb Miles is her star pupil, a brilliant young writer, questioning his sexuality in a town lacking tolerance. Gwen needs to hide who she was, and Caleb needs to hide who he is.
In a town run on rumors, nobody’s secret is safe.
Adult content and language.

Rumors is a compelling realistic story about the damage that rumors can and does have on the lives of everyday ordinary people. Having grown up in a small town just like that portrayed I have seen this very thing happen. 

Phil M Williams gave you the mindset and point of view of the gossipers and the victims. He brought in the harms of the technology the mass majority uses, Facebook. How it can help tear apart and destroy, how it can help spread the truth. Williams shows both the good and evil in people.

His characters are believable. You root for some, hate others and cry for a few. You watch as real situations unfold. Real meaning situations that are happening all over the country right now. Allegations brought on due to jealousy, blackmail, greed and power.

This is a powerfully written and extremely thought out book. It flows so well that you don’t want to put it down. You need to find out what is going to happen next. How each person is going to dig out of their hole or further compound their situation.

It’s been a while since I have read such a compelling and thought provoking page turner. It will make you think of the type of person you are. What side of the rumor are you on? 


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