Review: Dress Blues – A Memorial Day Anthology

Dress Blues: A Memorial Day Anthology by Ember-Raine Winters, Tiffany Carby, Shannon Nemechek, Faith Ryan, Maggie Adams, Lynzie Allen, C.M. Vaughan

8 authors came together to honor the service and sacrifice of our military in this military romance anthology for charity.

I am late getting this review up. I was out of state and didn’t have the most reliable internet service and absolutely NO cell service…yes it sucked and no it didn’t lol. It reminded me of a simplier time in life. So please excuse me being tardy to the party.

The Dress Blues Anthology is an amazing read…some of the stories are fun and light, while others deal with the more dark side of being a veteran (PTSD, war, loss – just to name a few). But all the stories are well written and done with such love for our military. As with any anthology some stories were a little harder to read but for the most (95%) part they were a quick easy read. The other part just made my mind work overtime. Whether it be having to deal with the emotion the stories evoked (this is a good thing ya’ll) or I just couldn’t get past the last story (also a good thing).

I love anthologies because for a small amount I get to find new (to me) authors that I have never read before. So I would definitely say that Dress Blues is well worth the risk. Check it out, find a nice comfy place to read and dive in.

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