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My thoughts on Estuary by Rachel Blake & Amilia Quinn

Estuary by Amilia Quinn, Rachel Blake
Series: Derivation #3
Genres: Paranormal Romance

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They killed her. Put a knife to her throat and ended her life.
Now I'm expected to pull myself together and push forward like the very people who fractured our family aren't coming after the rest of us.
My Dom has tried to keep me from drowning and the harder I try to push him away, the more he is determined to prove his love.
I'm not sure I'm strong enough to continue the fight, but to save the Delvo bloodline, I have to try.

Estuary is the third book in The Derivation Series. First let me tell you that this series is amazing and must be read in order to understand the full story. Estuary brings in more characters that I feel are going to be extremely important to the whole story. I can’t express how amazing the world building and character growth is in this series. There is heartache, love, loss, magic, and so much more to devour. I am willing to admit that I did devour this series and had been (impatiently) awaiting this book. I’m already begging for Book 4. I need closure. While I need that I also dread it. I see this series as one that I will reread over the years and probably catch a lot that I missed during my previous read. Quinn  and Blake have blown me away with this series. The way they seamlessly finish each chapter without showing any tells of who wrote what, I love it when co-writers are able to do that. It is not something that is easily done. Which shows their talent and how in tune they are, not only with each other but also the world and characters they have created. These are two authors that I am going to be following closely. This series is hands down a one click and must read for me.

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Review: Eternal Curse by Kara Leigh Miller

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Review: May Day by RR Born

Review: May Day by RR Born

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