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Cover Reveal: A. M. Myers – Every Breath You Take

Genres: Romance

Every Breath You Take
Bayou Devils MC
Book Three
Cover Designer: Jay Aheer/ Simply Defined Art
Photo by: Wander Aguiar
Tatum Carter is a warrior. She hasn’t lived an easy life but any obstacle that is thrown in her path, she perseveres. When her mother, Sarah, is killed in a car accident, Tatum is presented with a whole new challenge and this time, she’s struggling to keep her head above water.
When he was fifteen years old, Lincoln Archer lost his father and shouldered the burden of taking care of his mother and two younger sisters. He’s a rock – always there when someone he loves needs him, but it has taken its toll on him and now he’s drowning under his mistakes.
Sarah’s death unearths long buried secrets, thrusting Tatum and Lincoln together as Tatum wonders if she ever really knew her mother at all. They bring each other peace but danger surrounds them and what looks like salvation may very well be their demise.
Can Tatum face the ghosts of her mother’s past or will they take her down with them, stealing away the only serenity Lincoln has ever known?



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Cover Reveal: Family Ties b..

Cover Reveal: Family Ties by  Stephie Walls

Release Date: June 21, 2018 Cover Design: Wicked by Design   Synopsis   With a history like ours, the meaning of the word family tended to tangle into something unrecognizable. DNA and bloodlines didn’t tie us together, and neither did our last names. Various shades of grey blurred the branches of our twisted family tree. I wasn’t her brother. They weren’t my parents. Not that it mattered… She was off limits. Portia was my friend. Then my foster sister. And […]

Posted June 1, 2018
Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal

And the new heavyweight champion of the world is… Those are the words that Zeus Kincaid has been waiting to hear since he first put on a pair of boxing gloves. He just didn’t think they would come with a tragedy that would change how he viewed the sport forever. Cameron Reed was in her second year at Juilliard when her childhood sweetheart, Zeus Kincaid, walked away from her. A few months later, Cam realized that she would never fulfill […]

Posted January 19, 2018
Cover Reveal