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Review: Hawk by Torrie Robles

Review: Hawk by Torrie RoblesHawk by Torrie Robles
Series: Devil's Fury #3


Hawk ~
You get once chance at life.
One chance at happiness.
One Chance at love… That is, until you get two.
Being left behind is all I’ve known.
Left by my mother, my father, by her.
Here one moment, gone the next, never thinking I’d lay eyes on her again, until I did.
No matter the cost, no matter the stakes, no matter where my loyalty may lie,
I’m not gonna lose her again.
Tessa ~
Light can turn to dark in an instant.
Happiness stripped away in a flash
Redemption is hard to come by
A chance that things can change
Second chance at life
Second chance at happiness
Second chance at love
Leaving was the hardest thing I ever did, but it was the only thing I could do.
Now the choice has been taken from me, again.
Now I have to go back.
Now I have to face my past
And him.

Okay it’s confession time: I am a Devil’s Fury groupie. Yep you read that right. I can’t help it. She got me first with Sin, then Lick and now with Hawk I have declared myself a less slutty groupie. Why?? Because I can’t for the life of me choose which of these men I want more!!

Hawk takes place during the same time as the previous books, Sin and Lick, so reading those two books first is almost necessary (trust me you’ll eat them up). Reading them will help you with knowledge of some of the other side characters.

Tessa is running from her past, from the love of her life, and from the trauma that completely changed her life. Hawk can’t move on from the love he always wanted but never truly got a chance to have, Tessa. When fate intervenes and brings Hawk’s mom into Tessa’s life, she feels as though she has to let Hawk know. Hawk hasn’t seen his mom since he was just a small child. She walked away from him and never looked back.

UGGG!! I so want to talk about what happened to them and between them. I want to go on and on about this book but I can’t because if I spoil this for ya, ya’ll will hate me. And we can’t have that. This book is beyond exciting. Robles has brought her A+++ game, as she does every single time. If you like MC books even a little you have to read The Devil’s Fury series. I am ready for her next and have been since the last sentence.

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