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Review: Behind the Flame by Renee Harless

Behind the Flame (Home in Carson, #3; The Everyday Heroes World) by Renee Harless
Series: Home in Carson #3
Genres: Firefighter

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Things heat up. . . behind the flame.
From raging wildfires to losing his wife and daughter in a nasty divorce, Ridge Connelly has been burned. Fighting fires is in his blood, but fighting for his daughter is his reason for living.
When she’s left on his doorstep with a note from his ex to keep her safe, he takes Delilah home to North Carolina to protect her. From what. . . he doesn’t know yet.
A caregiver by trade, River Matthews has always put others first, ignoring her own needs, but her sexy new neighbor has her rethinking things where he’s concerned.
The dedicated single dad is needing a sitter and she can’t help but fall for the sweet baby girl or her daddy.
An unknown threat lurks in the shadows waiting to strike.
Just when things start heating up between Ridge and River, the past explodes around them, reminding him of everything that’s at stake.
Renee Harless' Behind the Flame is an alluring, sexy, suspenseful, small-town romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Worlds project.

Behind the Flame is my first venture into Renee  Harless’s writing. This is a slow paced love story. Harless builds small towns, like I grew up in. So it’s a world I relate to. Both the main characters have just moved to Carson. I don’t feel like the story would work if it was a quicker pace. Small town are a slower living so the pace makes sense and works.

The build up to Ridge and River noticing each other is sweet. The chemistry between them is off the charts once they have their true first meeting (you know the one with swapping names lol). Harless has done a great job with her character development.

I enjoyed the suspense she wrote into the story and will gladly admit that for once I couldn’t guess who was involved or why. This, to me, is great as I hate knowing the outcome before the ending. I do wish she had used

If you are looking for a sweet and easy read to pass the time this is definitely a one click.

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Being an a blogger who deals with mainly Indie authors is amazing. I get asked by new (to me or debuting) authors to read their works and give my input. I have been able to find authors that I may never have heard of before or that I’ve followed from afar. I am pretty blessed in that aspect. I actually set up a way to have authors send me requests to review their works through my blog. This is how […]

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