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New Release: Storm of Flames byKira Nyte

Storm of Flames by Kira Nyte 
The Firestorm Dragon Chronicles Book 3
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Skylar Donovan was raised to trust no one but herself and her parents. Moreover, her father gave her all the tools she’d need to survive, both in practical terms and as a martial arts instructor in his respected studio. What he didn’t teach her was how to go on when his murder broke her mother’s mind, leaving Sky alone for the first time in her life.

Gabriel LaRouche, youngest of the Firestorm dragons, followed a tip to Alabama in hopes of finding refugees from his people’s hidden home living among the humans. Instead, he met his match in a pale-haired warrior woman with broken eyes and a stay-away stare he couldn’t resist. His lifemate had no idea who he was or that they were Fated to be together.

Despite her better judgment, Skylar is drawn to Gabe’s dark intensity and almost grating arrogance tempered with surprising sweetness. Something about him calls to her passionate nature, matching her flame for flame.

Gabe is bound to Skylar, body, soul and dragon. Now he needs to convince her to trust he’s strong enough to stand by her side as deadly enemies gather to tear them apart.

*Contains adult situations that may burn pages, along with wicked banter and some badass sparring.
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Review: The Circle by Cindy..

Review: The Circle by Cindy Cipriano

The Circle was written with middle school aged children in mind. Filled with folklore, fairies, and adventure it will be able to capture and keep an adult’s attention. I can say that from first hand experience. I tend to read books without knowing what I am getting into. I hardly read a synopsis or other reviews before starting a book that I want to or have been requested to review. I don’t like to let other peoples opinions influence me. […]

Review: The Mage’s Pawn b..

Review: The Mage’s Pawn by AE Folk

It’s been a long time since I have read a fantasy book, but it took mere seconds for A.E. Folk to remind my why I once loved it. In those few seconds Folk’s descriptive talents had me walking alongside Bridget and her family. I wasn’t just a reader watching this quest , I was an active participant. Folk has such an exquisite way of describing the surrounding, using all of the senses that it will draw you straight in.  Her […]

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Review: The Connelly Boys b..

Review: The Connelly Boys by Lily Velez

If you a looking for a great paranormal young adult read Lily Velez’ The Connelly Boys has you covered. It’s been a while since I’ve read a paranormal book that wasn’t more strongly romance. The Connelly Boys, while it does have a romance in it, filled the ticket for me. The romance was more a secondary line in this book. The story of Scarlet Monroe is a complex situation and one that tugs at the heart strings. Scarlet has just […]

Posted September 23, 2018

★.•**•.★REVIEW: The..

★.•**•.★REVIEW: The Secret Seekers Society And the Beast of Bladenboro by J.L. Hickey★.•**•.★

Welcome to a world of adventure. J. L. Hickey has opened so many doors with this book. A world that as children we wish that we could explore. Heck, as an adult I want to explore. The Secret Seekers Society And the Beast of Bladenboro brings us into the life of two children, siblings, Hunter and Ellie. recently orphaned, they are shipped off to live with their godfather, who they have never met, in a huge mansion. The mansion has […]

Posted September 2, 2015
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★•**•.★Next Stop: N..

★•**•.★Next Stop: Nina by Robin Raven★•**•.★

  I have never read a time traveler novel until Robin approached me with Next Stop: Nina. I honestly did not know what to expect and had nothing to compare this book to. At times that is a good thing lol. This book hooked me almost from the get go. This is Robin Raven’s debut! Lately I have been getting blown away by all the amazing debut books I’ve been reading and this one is another one of those WOW […]

Posted July 29, 2015
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★•**•.★REVIEW: Call..

★•**•.★REVIEW: Caller 107 by Matthew S Cox★•**•.★

I reviewed Caller 107 before I started My Blissful Books. This was a book that is not part of my usual genres. That is actually why I chose it. Caller 107 sounded intriguing and that is what drew me to it. So here is my review of Caller 107, plus some. I hate doing spoilers of books which is why my original review on Goodreads and Amazon is so short. But here on MBB I will be going a little […]

Posted July 26, 2015
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