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Review: Fighting Demon by Colbie Kay

Review: Fighting Demon by Colbie KayFighting Demon (Satan's Sinners MC Book 10) by Colbie Kay, Maria Vickers
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My name is Dancer, and I'm the one with the weird yellow eyes. I've bartended at Stilettos for eight years now, and I'm trusted by not only Hacker but the rest of his MC brothers and their Ol' Ladies. Now that I've gained that trust, it's decision time. Everything they thought they knew about me was a lie. I've danced with the devil, and he's going to make me pay.

I've killed more men than I can count, and blood is my obsession. The sight of crimson running and the metallic taste keeps me craving more. Nothing or no one has ever come close to replacing that obsession except for Dancer. One taste from her, and I can't stop.

Everyone has secrets that will eventually come to light, and when Dancer's are revealed, I'm brought to my knees. A decision has to be made, and when the time comes, whose life will be lost?

This book is intended for 18+ due to subject matter.

Fighting Demon by Colbie Kay is life! Just when you think Kay can’t ramp up her writing skills any more she proves the world wrong. I am a fan of Kay’s (I honestly can’t lie about that but who would want to?). Her mind is like an amazing world that I could get lost in.

Demon has so much in past that could make it hard for him to let go. Dancer has her own secrets that could totally blow up her life. Somehow these two not only work but thrive together. Kay seamlessly blends their worlds together and shows a love that is so intense that almost everything else pales in comparison. Kay once again brings to life a world that is intense, gritty and at times terrifyingly real. She makes you root for both Demon and Dancer.

Colbie Kay is an author that you will be hearing from for years. You will be stalking her begging for more. And she will always leave you wanting more. I am already looking forward to whatever her next book. Kay can write sweet contemporary to gritty MC romance. She is an author to keep your eye on because you never know what her next move might be, but you know that it will be worth every sleepless night.

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Review: Tink’s Salvat..

Review: Tink’s Salvation by Colbie Kay

Can two star crossed lovers ever find their way back to each other? If they can, can they survive all the baggage they both bring with?? In the ninth book of the Satan’s Sinners series Colbie Kay releases havoc and chaos on your emotions. She takes you on a fast, daring and emotional roller coaster to find out if Jorga and Tink can wind up together. With forces beyond their control trying to rip what little bit of solace these […]

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New Release: Tink’s Salva..

New Release: Tink’s Salvation by Colbie Kay

TINK’S SALVATION Series: Satan’s Sinners MC (Book 9) Author: Colbie Kay Photographer: RLS Model Images Photography  Model: Cody Criswell  Designer: T.E. Black with T.E. Black Designs Release Date: SEPTEMBER 27, 2019 Genre: MC/Contemporary/Suspense Romance Jorga I have a thing for bad boys, I always have, but that infatuation cost me, and I’ve been living in fear ever since. My new roommate says we have protection from Satan’s Sinners MC, but no one can protect me from the past that haunts […]

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Tainted Souls by Colbie Kay..

Tainted Souls by Colbie Kay & KB Bennett

Okay first I have to start by apologizing for being so lack in my reviews. The first few months of every year find me in  a depression and while  I have the best of intentions I can’t stop mental illness from happening. So over the next few days I am going to be busting ass to get caught up on al my blog business.I hope you can understand that. So now on to the good parts of this post the […]

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Tainted Souls Cover Reveal!..

Tainted Souls Cover Reveal!!

TAINTED SOULS Series: Assassin’s Love Authors: Colbie Kay and KB Bennett Genre: Dark/Suspense Romance Photographer: Randy Sewell with RLS Model Images Photography Model: Josh Marshall Cover Designer: T.E. Black with T.E. Black Designs Release Date: 1/25/2019 Once upon a time, we were best friends. Only two years older than me, Stryker, was my protector, but he couldn’t protect me the night I was taken from my family, my village…him. I’ve grown up in the confines of my cell in the […]

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