Genre: New Adult

Review: Tainted Love: Austin by Livell James

Tainted Love by Livell James
Series: Tainted Love #1
Genres: Romance, New Adult, Paranormal Romance

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Austin is left with no place to go, working a dead in job, and living out of his car. His family left him with nothing other than the clothes on his back and the broken-down car he is living in. Until one day a beautiful blue-eyed girl walks into his job and demands he listen to her. The secrets of his family’s past begin to unwind.
Haley was moved from her world to live on her own in our world away from the others. She left to be protected from the things the Other World offered, but what she wasn’t expecting was for the voices to lead her right back into the depts of the Other World. Will the these two be able to fight through the craziness that is tearing them apart? Can fate really bring them together or is the love to Tainted?

Tainted Love: Austin is the first book I’ve read by Livell James.  I wasn’t sure what to expect I was beyond impressed with the paranormal world he created.  It’s a vampire world that I had yet to encounter and one I quickly became fascinated with. James took a new and unique approach to the vampire world.

Austin is dealing with his life the best he can until his past collides into his future. His past that he has no recollection of. Yet now he must face it head on. Thankfully he isn’t alone on this journey. His past has brought Hayley to him in a way that neither of them can quite believe. The heat from Austin and Hayley burns up the pages of this book.

I was rooting them on. Turning the pages into the early morn just to see how the two of them would handle what was on the brink of happening. James pulls you in with great ease. He makes you fall for his characters.

I love the world that Livell James has created and I’m happy to say that this  is a series that I’m looking forward to following.

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