Author: Laney Wylde

Review: Never Touched by Laney Wylde

Review: Never Touched by Laney WyldeNever Touched by Laney Wylde


What if you woke up from your worst nightmare, only to find the world watching it? On repeat. With relish.

What if those viewers found you? Cornered you until you performed the nightmare live?

Would you run? Fight?

Or charge admittance?

This is Sawyer's reality. She's a survivor—gritty and determined—but the struggle to put it all behind her is something that's with her every second of every day. Her abuser is in jail now, but he'll never truly let her go. When she tries to shelter in something good, the darkness inevitably follows. The effects of the abuse flow through her life like ripples of pain in this raw, at times darkly comedic, coming-of-age saga that explores what it means to survive the unthinkable—and find the courage to rise up and keep fighting.

Sure to satisfy fans of SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK and 13 REASONS WHY, Never Touched is a New Adult contemporary drama by breakout author Laney Wylde. Richly written with complex characters and a compelling storyline, it's perfect for fans of Colleen Hoover's HOPELESS, Rebecca Donovan's REASON TO BREATHE, and Jessica Sorensen's THE COINCIDENCE OF CALLIE KAYDEN.

Please Note: Story contains graphic sexual content, including mentions of abuse. Strong language throughout.

This is probably going to be one of the easiest and hardest book reviews I have ever done. I know that’s confusing and all but there are reasons why. So I’ll get to those reasons lol. This will be the easiest book review because I freaking LOVED the book. It was perfectly written, great character development, it flowed, it kept my attention securely and touched all my emotions. It will be the hardest book review because I have a tendency of wanting to really overshare on the plot lines of books that I love and get into a deep discussion. I can’t do that with Never Touched because you HAVE to read this book and let it touch you. It will touch you, there is no doubting that.

This is Laney Wylde’s first book, that shocked the bejeezus out of me. It wowed me!! I very rarely compare authors to other authors. Mainly because they deserve to be known for their own works. I NEVER compare to other authors to my Queens, Colleen Hoover and Jamie McGuire, because they are my must reads, don’t care about the storyline I know I will love it. Lol. Well run my dears and pre-order Never Touched by Laney Wylde because she is a darker side of CoHo. She has already made it where I will be banging down her door for her next book. (Ok, so I’ve already put in my request for a sequel to this book, but a certain character).

Sawyer is a straight up bad ass, even though she don’t realize it. She has been living a life of hell. A life she had no way out of until she found Jake. Jake was everything that a girl could dream of. Sexy, protective, loving and most of all understanding of everything Sawyer. Well almost everything. When Sawyer’s past rushes into her present her whole life changes. She makes decisions that she thinks she are all she has. Most people would have let those decisions dictate their life, not Sawyer. Sawyer rises above all of it and while doing some kinda shady things she has gotten herself into college and on the road to an amazing future. And once again her past comes rushing at her.

In walks Cash (OMG!!! I LOVE CASH). He doesn’t see her past, even when he knows all about it. He stands steady at her side as her past tries to ruin her. He is everything she needs and deserves… but will he be what she chooses? Can Sawyer survive this last attack???

And that my lovely people is all I can tell you because if I keep going I will tell you everything and then you won’t need to read Never Touched. TRUST!! YOU NEED TO READ NEVER TOUCHED!!! Laney Wylde is on her way to becoming a one click name for you, like she is now for me.

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