Author: Cindy Cipriano

Review: Pretending by Cindy Cipriano

Review: Pretending by Cindy CiprianoPretending (The Fading Series Book 3) by Cindy Cipriano
Genres: Clean Romance, Paranormal Romance
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If you like a fast-paced fantasy romance with rich characters and immersive storytelling, The Fading Series is for you. Find out why it's being called a magical, romantic read that “unfolds with a gripping emotional intensity” (Kirkus Reviews).

What’s a girl to do when everyone around her isn’t who she believes them to be?

Leath’s dreams are on the cusp of becoming reality when Judaculla magic creeps into her world, revealing itself in new and disconcerting ways. When Leath is offered a hand of friendship from an old enemy, she begins to question everything around her.

Relationships are tested, including Leath’s relationship with James, who is struggling with his own demons. As time runs out for James in both worlds, Leath wonders if she ever really knew him at all.

Pretending is the third book out of a five book series by bestselling author, Cindy Cipriano. Fans of Paranormal Romance and Fantasy favorites such as The Twilight Saga and Beautiful Creatures will love this unique series that Kirkus Reviews calls, “gripping,” and “transcending genre clichés.” Check out The Fading Series today!

I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Pretending (Book 3) of the

Fading Series. So I was extremely happy to have it finally hit my Kindle.

Even though it had been months since I had read Searching I did not have

to do a reread. The story was still very much alive in my mind. Cindy Cipriano

does such an astounding job in world building that has continued into

Pretending. Cipriano does such great job in bringing you deep in the world of

Leath and James. The whirlwind that is their relationship or lack of. The

relationships of the side characters are just as important and well thought out.

Each playing into the story. Making Pretending full of twists and turns, ups and

down. A rollercoaster ride of emotions. Cipriano has truly raised the bar for

other authors to bring their absolute best and then some. Cipriano is a must

read for me.

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