Saturday Snippet featuring ..

Saturday Snippet featuring Lesley Hoover

I clear my throat pulling my gaze away acknowledging that he does clean up rather well. “Where did you get the tuxedo?” I ask in a small voice. “I had to look everywhere for it,” He rumbles a laugh. “You should’ve asked, I would have given you a recommendation.” I run my hand over the satin lapel, smoothing it. “Is it not formal enough?” He asks with a roll of his eyes. “It will do perfectly actually. I’m impressed.” I […]

Posted September 10, 2022

Why It Matters How You Writ..

Why It Matters How You Write Reviews.

There are so many ways that people write reviews, and it differs from product to product. Since I’m a book influencer/reviewer, 95% of the reviews I write are about books. So of course, this post will be geared towards that. The way you write a review changes the more you do it. The more practice you get, the easier it becomes. For example, when I first began writing my reviews, I made what I now feel is the biggest mistake. […]

Posted September 9, 2022
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WIP Wednesday featuring E.E..

WIP Wednesday featuring E.E. Brynes

MBB is so excited to have another new way to show our love and support to indie authors and their work. We came up with this WIP Wednesday to help bring a spotlight to upcoming works for some great authors. We are happy to have E.E. Byrnes help us kick this new segment off. After telling Winnie where I planned to go but not my reason for it, I left, carrying the small luggage case she had given me. Inside […]

Posted September 7, 2022

So much coming to MBB…

So much coming to MBB…

So many things are going on all around me at the moment. School is now back in. Thank heavens for most lol. Both of my boys are charter school kids so they are home anyways, which has kinda messed up my daily work flow. So now I’m having to work out a new schedule for me.   Joe & I had to cancel going to Wanderlust in San Antonio this year. Which broke our hearts. We absolutely love Wanderlust. It […]

Posted September 3, 2022

Saturday Snippet featuring ..

Saturday Snippet featuring Imogen Wells’ Lawless Deception

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” a voice rumbles back to me at the same time as the snick of a gun echoes.        A feeling of disbelief and shock and something else, which I can’t quite name, shivers down my spine at the sound of the voice.         It’s a voice I recognise, but one I’ve not heard in almost eleven years.         Just as I’m wondering if he’s here too and at what point my mouth will form some […]

Posted September 3, 2022

Saturday Snippet featuring ..

Saturday Snippet featuring Taryn Rivers

“Are you telling me Killian Cross is on his way here right now?” She bites her lip and nods reluctantly. “Exactly how many times has Cross asked you out?” I ask. She wrings her hands together. “Twice. And it’s been months. We’re just good friends, not that it’s any of your business.” I see red. “Not my fucking business? Are you high? Everything about you is my business.” She backs up but it’s too late. In two steps I’m on […]

Saturday Snippets featuring..

Saturday Snippets featuring Bull by RJ Gray

“This tie is something a mentor taught me. It’s pretty, it’s inescapable, and it’s safe. It won’t cut off your circulation. It’s tight enough where you feel it but loose enough it won’t cause any long-term issues. If you notice, baby girl, I’ve tied this knot here on the bottom and not the top.” She nodded, unsure why he was pointing it out. “If we were playing and you were being a brat and tried to escape from Daddy’s ties […]

Risky Rockstar is on the st..

Risky Rockstar is on the stage (featuring Ryleigh Sloan

Holy crumbs, I have goosebumps everywhere. Kade’s introductory speech punches me in the gut and fills me with so many feels that I’m struggling to swallow right now. I even caught Kevin wiping under his eye a moment ago. Ever since I saw the “Lack of Evidence” video, I haven’t been able to get LP-45 out of my mind, so the day after our dinner at the diner, I told Kevin I was thinking of collaborating with them and asked […]

Saturday Snippet featuring ..

Saturday Snippet featuring S. Courtney

RYKER I am back in town near the bar district, leaving that sorry bastard where he belongs. I watch the humans interact and enjoy the company of one another. Mindlessly, I twirl her ring around my finger. I took it before I left the restaurant so that they would find no evidence of her presence there. It was a beautiful ring, a cocky gesture on his part, the diamond was obnoxiously huge and I have no doubt it looked ridiculous […]

Posted August 6, 2022

Saturday Snippet featuring ..

Saturday Snippet featuring Norma Marie

I watch as the afternoon sun hits the water just right, creating the perfect moment in time. Lifting my camera, I focus the lens and take the shot, plus several more. Sunsets are my favorite time of the day to capture on film. There’s something inspiring about the colors and beauty that comes from a perfectly captured sunset, especially on the water. I adjust my footing, kneeling to find the perfect shot and adjust my lens again. Using my camera […]

Posted July 30, 2022
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