WIP Wednesday featuring Ann..

WIP Wednesday featuring Ann Edwards

  Chapter 1 Zayn Ugh!  I don’t remember ever partying as hard as we did last night.  As soon as we got off stage, we started celebrating Tanner and Sofia’s engagement.  Of course, it only got worse once Spotted Leopard joined in after their set.  I am so glad we don’t have a concert tonight.  I plan on spending the day sleeping this off. I get up and go to the bathroom.  Grabbing a bottle of water from the mini-fridge, […]

Saturday Snippet featuring ..

Saturday Snippet featuring Rachel Lyn Adams

About halfway through my shift, I saw the hostess seating a couple in my section. I couldn’t see them clearly, but I watched with envy as the man guided the woman through the restaurant with his hand on her lower back. At their table, he pulled the chair out for his date to sit down. It was a simple gesture, one I had never been on the receiving end of. Brad had never taken me out on a proper date. […]

WIP Wednesday featuring Kat..

WIP Wednesday featuring Katrina Marie

I’m not entirely sure what just happened. A moment ago, she was about to turn me down…I think. Actually, I’m sure she was going to say no. I know rejection when I see it. But something caught her attention. From the way her skin pales, it’s not a good thing. “Caroline?” Her eyes are wide when she turns in my direction. “He can’t see me here.” Then her cheeks turn a bright red. “Though that explains why he didn’t bother […]

Posted September 28, 2022
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Saturday Snippet featuring ..

Saturday Snippet featuring JA Lafrance

“Oh my goodness, I am so sorry.” She says as her head slowly rises and her eyes connect with mine. Her blue eyes are like a beautiful sky on a sunny day. They are captivating. Her nose is cute, and her cheeks are full and suit her face perfectly. But, when my eyes meet her lips, I become hypnotized by the shape of them. I can’t tell if her upper lip is formed in the perfect heart shape or if […]

Gretchen’s Take on Bowie ..

Gretchen’s Take on Bowie by Jules Ford

  Wow so there are really no words for the feelings as I just finished Bowie and Layla story. This is the first book in the series and honestly I am so excited for more… Layla is a single mom to a spunk of a kid named Sunny. And truly the kid had me cracking up. I hope to watch her grow up. But anyway, Layla and Bowie do not get off to the best of starts but watching them […]

Posted September 21, 2022
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WIP Wednesday featuring CJ ..

WIP Wednesday featuring CJ Warrant

Brenna~ You know the last place I thought I’d be right now is bent over a ratty green couch being fucked in the back of a tattoo parlor on the south side of Chicago. I ignore Arnie, the tattoo artist slamming into me from behind. My attention is fixed on what’s between my fingers, a rusted blade coated in blow and my blood. As the tip digs deeper, piercing my thin skin of my inner wrist, I realize there is […]

Posted September 21, 2022
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Saturday Snippet featuring ..

Saturday Snippet featuring Addict by Ivy Love

  I watch as her face twists in confusion. “Why?” she asks. At this point, Jazz isn’t even trying to hide it anymore and is laughing outright. I can’t fight my smile either, she’s stunning, but right now she looks adorable.  Her face is scrunched up and she looks like she’s trying to figure out an unsolvable math problem. “Why what?” A small scowl crosses her face, “You know exactly what I mean.” Jazz leans back, “I’m enjoying this so […]

Constructive Criticism: Why..

Constructive Criticism: Why It Matters

Last week, I discussed why how you write a review matters, but I left one key point out– criticism. Now why would I do that? Easy answer there. Lol. So that I could write this post.  Criticism is all around us. We have heard it every day since we could toddle. People telling us what we are doing wrong, how we should do it, how they did it. So, you wouldn’t think that anyone needs or wants to hear more […]

Posted September 16, 2022
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WIP Wednesday featuring Kat..

WIP Wednesday featuring Kate Davison

Excerpt from Blackstone: Dahlia by Kate Davison I was five when my father killed my mother in cold blood. I’ll never forget that day. Even now, more than thirty years later, I can still hear the boom so loud in our quiet little house. I was in my room with all my crayons and plain paper spread across the desk, creating some world tucked deep in my imagination. The report shook me, froze me in place to listen. Waiting for […]

Posted September 14, 2022

Relax… It’s Just Music

Relax… It’s Just Music

Welcome to Relax….. It’s Only Music. My weekly blog entry is where you get to dive into the mind of a music nerd. I am not a musician. My dreams of being a rock god died in my teens. But I fucking love music. All kinds of music. My philosophy is if it moves you, go with it. You’ll get a music history as you read things you might not have known; as I write about things I love, know […]

Posted September 12, 2022
Relax… It’s Just Music