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Kris and Joe are awesome, so much fun during their Live feeds and super helpful. I love doing takeovers in their group. I always feel like they care about their authors. Keep up the good work you two! ? – A.E. Folk, Author


Kris and Joe are so freaking amazing, supportive and they bring light to so many things in the literary world that if you weren’t following them you might not find out. Thank you both so much!!! – Krista and Darren, Reader

I love Kris and Joe. They’re some of the best people around. The support they offer the indie author community is phenomenal. I highly recommend them. – Torrie Robles, Author

A mutual friend recently recommended I join the My Blissful Books Facebook group and I am so glad she did. Kris and Joe are so wonderful, quirky, and welcoming and honestly kind of hilarious – my exact type of people. The book review style Kris uses is very similar to my own and I can tell that she’s a person whose opinion I can trust, which is helpful in wading through the thousands upon thousands of books that exist out there. Joe is majorly into music the way Kris is books so, being every bit the music nerd as I am book nerd myself, that’s fun to see. They make their group different from the tons and tons of blogs out there by making it their own. You can follow along with Kris as she reads with her intriguing, non spoiler updates and their lives are so great to watch. They also offer takeovers in their group and that’s been a fun way for me to learn about authors I haven’t yet read(and pick on the ones I already love). You can also find great discussion questions and I’ve enjoyed the way everyone in the group, even with differing opinions, can respond respectfully. Truly a great place to be. I would recommend My Blissful Books to anyone looking for a new blog to follow. In being completely honest, there are very few that I read regularly and in the last couple of weeks they’ve already become one of them because of everything I have mentioned here. – Paige Boggs, Blogger

Kris and Joe are freaking awesome. I first found them by meeting Kris in an authors group and we hit it off and added each other as friends. Then when I was promoting my author service business she recommended putting it on a thread in her blog. And I’ve been stuck on their blog ever since. The atmosphere and energy that goes on in there is just amazing. So much truth. So many hysterics. It’s never a dull moment when interacting with these two. And because of them, they’ve helped me with ideas for my own blog.

I absolutely love My Blissful Books. Always able to find new reads and even discover new to me authors. They are a great pair. And if you’re needed an honest reviewer. Look no further. Because they are one of the best. – Nikki Holt Sexton, Blogger

I love this group! Kris and Joe are so kind and welcoming! It’s always a blast to do takeovers in their group! -KL Ramsey, Author

I love this blog! Kris and Joe are 🙂 If you’re looking for a reviewer – then this is the place!! If you’re looking for a new read – again, look no further!! ? It’s all right here at My Blissful Books! – Samantha McCoy, Author

I love this blog! They have creative ways for keeps readers and authors involved and interactive. The admins are amazing!! – Colbie Kay, Author

This has to be one of the most active and fun groups I’ve been in! Authors galore and a couple of dedicated and fun owners!!! I definitely reccomend this group!! – Kelly Childress, Reader

Absolutely amazing group. Joe & Kris are so supportive. – JA LaFrance, Author

I absolutely love the Kris and Joe show! ? they crack me up but then still delve into a certain book and really talk about it. There are already so many books I want to read because of this page! Love you Kris! – Stevie Hernadez, Reader

This is a great place for authors to connect and interact with readers. I had the opportunity to do a take-over, and the blogger was so kind and participated throughout my guest visit. The experience was awesome! I highly recommend My Blissful Books, and if you’re in need of a review, this is the place to submit for one. – Cindy Cipriano, Author

Kris was amazing when I reached out, last minute, to schedule a takeover for my last release! The interaction and support you’ll find here on My Blissful Books is top notch. Highly recommend! – Sonya Loveday, Author

A great blog for Authors to meet readers & chat about books. Blogger has a sweet personality, she gives authors visibility. -Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku, Author

Love this page – it’s an awesome place for readers to find new books/authors & to hear honest reviews of those books. It’s also a great page for new authors to be found. Everyone in this community is positive & helpful & friendly! – Kristen Granata, Author

I am always amazed at the amount of books Kris goes through to review for us! I love her honest feedback and the way she delves into her love or not so love for the characters and plot. Kris is passionate, informative and consistent! I’m so glad she’s on our team–because reader or writer, she’s doing this for us!  – Jen Atkinson, Author

I’ve been involved in the indie book scene long enough to have seen many ups, downs and inside-outs in blogging. I’ve run a couple and reviewed for a number more. I’ve come to know quite a few book bloggers both online and IRL. But I can honestly say that I don’t know that I have ever enjoyed a book blog more than My Blissful Books. Kris’s reviews are certainly top notch, and she always gives me food for thought on books I have also read, as well as making me add ones I have never heard of to my TBR. She sincerely loves the books and authors and has an enthusiasm I haven’t seen in some time. But what truly makes My Blissful Books stand apart from the crowd is the Facebook group associated with the blog. Kris and her husband Joe do an outstanding job of keeping the group active and entertaining while bringing authors and readers together. Their weekly live sessions are not to be missed. I can honestly say it is probably the only blog I still actively recommend to both authors and readers. I can’t think of any blog or group I could compare it to because it is truly in a class of its own, and exactly what the industry needs in a time that promotion has gotten both difficult and tedious. To call MBB a breath of fresh air seems much too cliche, but I can’t think of a description more fitting. – LaDonna Pigg, Author

Best book reviewer ever! She will be nothing but honest! – Sherrie Weerheim, Reader

Highly recommend you ask My Blissful Books to review your book! – Laney Wylde, Author

I had a great time doing my author takeover with My Blissful Books! I’m also enjoying finding new authors through them! – Jennifer Zamboni, Author

This blog is great. It has beautiful posts and the reviews are wonderful. I have found several books because of this blog. Definitely a blog to follow and like. – Mary Meredith, Reader