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Review: Dancing with Sin by..

Review: Dancing with Sin by Alexandria Lee

Alexandria Lee has written an extremely hot, emotionally driven, and how the hell did it come to be this way story. Alice and Ethan are characters that you probably know their doppelgänger in real life. A dancer and a soon-to-be lawyer whose lives are entangled with one another.   Watching Alice & Ethan struggle their way through and try to find happiness in their lives will have you turning the pages fast. I so want to go more deeply into […]

Review: Behind the Flame by..

Review: Behind the Flame by Renee Harless

Behind the Flame is my first venture into Renee  Harless’s writing. This is a slow paced love story. Harless builds small towns, like I grew up in. So it’s a world I relate to. Both the main characters have just moved to Carson. I don’t feel like the story would work if it was a quicker pace. Small town are a slower living so the pace makes sense and works. The build up to Ridge and River noticing each other […]

Posted January 14, 2021
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Review: In the Grasp by Cad..

Review: In the Grasp by Cadence Keys

In the Grasp by Cadence Key is a cute and sweet second romance story. The main characters were just like people we know. Paige and Jack were high school sweethearts that ended. Fast forward 9 years later and Paige’s job throws them back into each others path. The story was honestly pretty much text book for how 90% of  second chance love stories are written. A break up, time apart, fate leading them to one another, realizing the heat is […]

Posted January 1, 2021
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Review: The Wrong Family by..

Review: The Wrong Family by Tarryn Fisher

The Wrong Family is my first read of Tarryn Fisher. If you follow me you know I tend to dive in without even reading the synopsis of the book and that’s exactly what I did. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. While I will freely admit that I was expecting a love story (since that is mainly what I receive to review), I was happily surprised to be reading a suspenseful thriller instead. Now […]

Posted December 31, 2020
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Review: Tongue by K.L. Sava..

Review: Tongue by K.L. Savage

Having read every book K.L Savage has put out, I can honestly say that I am dazzled by how the authors always seem to top their previous books. Just when you think there is no possible way for the characters to grab you as much as the previous Savage thrives on  proving you wrong. To date Tongue is the most heart wrenching character that Savage has brought forth and that is saying something. Savage brings attention to many different horrors […]

Posted December 29, 2020
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Review: Eternal Curse by Ka..

Review: Eternal Curse by Kara Leigh Miller

Are you a fan of Twilight? Do you have a thing for the paranormal? If you answered yes to either of those questions you have to dive into Eternal Curse. Kara Leigh Miller has weaved this magical web around her book to keep you trapped. She has bypassed (in my humble opinion) Meyer in this series. Chloe Madison is a teenager that you just want to hold and nurture. She has lost her mom during what every person knows is […]

Posted December 29, 2020
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Review: Angel by Kristine A..

Review: Angel by Kristine Allen

If you are new to Kristine Allen, be prepared to hold on tight for this ride. Allen is known for her MC romance book but Angel pushes her from amazing to phenomenal. Taking a leap into the paranormal MC was just what she needed to do. Bringing her wicked insight into a new genre adds even more spice to her stories.   As always Kristine Allen sweeps in to her world with just her prologue. She makes your heart hurt, […]

Posted November 6, 2020
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Review: Doc by K.L. Savage

Review: Doc by K.L. Savage

As a huge fan of the Ruthless Kings I was excited to dive into another members life and devour him. Oh lord, how I’d love to devour Doc but I will try to keep this pg rated lol. Every time I read a Ruthless Kings book I wonder how K.L. Savage can top their last book. How they can find a plot or twist that can one up the last book. Don’t ask me how but they always do. Savage […]

Posted November 4, 2020
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Review: Loving Kate by CC M..

Review: Loving Kate by CC Monroe

Loving Kate is a story that will encompasses all of your feelings, leaving you wanting and needing more. CC Monroe brings you on a ride where you need to keep your hands on your kindle and hold on for dear life. She shows you the truth of grittier side of life. You watch as Kate struggles to find the one thing she  never wanted to lose, herself.   I completely connected with Kate Beckett. I felt her pain and guilt. […]

Posted October 31, 2020
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Review: Pride & Paperc..

Review: Pride & Papercuts by Staci Hart

Staci Hart’s take on a modern day Pride & Prejudice is delightful and steamy.  P&P has it funny moments  and some serious attitude from the main and side characters. Hart is able to bring a whole new story out from the works of Jane Austen. With the perfect blend of humor and sarcasm Hart engages the reader. Bringing her readers in with the playful relationships until Liam and Laney can figure their way around all the expectations of Liam’s family. […]

Posted October 21, 2020
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