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    Constructive Criticism: Why It Matters

    Last week, I discussed why how you write a review matters, but I left one key point out– criticism. Now why would I do that? Easy answer there. Lol. So that I could write this post.  Criticism is all around us. We have heard it every day since we could toddle. People telling us what we are doing wrong, how we should do it, how they did it. So, you wouldn’t think that anyone needs or wants to hear more of it.  There are so many forms of criticism. For this post, we are looking at constructive criticism. What it is. How to use it. What is not constructive criticism.…

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    Why It Matters How You Write Reviews.

    There are so many ways that people write reviews, and it differs from product to product. Since I’m a book influencer/reviewer, 95% of the reviews I write are about books. So of course, this post will be geared towards that. The way you write a review changes the more you do it. The more practice you get, the easier it becomes. For example, when I first began writing my reviews, I made what I now feel is the biggest mistake. I pretty much wrote what the book was all about. So anyone who read my review was left thinking: that sounds like a great book, but Kris already told us…