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💀☠️💀Spotlight Author: Angie Martin💀☠️💀

Over a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting this weeks Spotlight Author, Angie Martin, at a signing in Kansas City. Now I get to introduce y’all to her. Multi-award-winning, best-selling author Angie Martin relies on her Kansas upbringing to add a certain Midwest, small-town creepiness to her work. She has released several novels and short stories in suspense/thriller and horror genres, some with a unique paranormal or supernatural edge. She currently resides in the Tennessee, where she is […]

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Spotlight Author: Darlene Tallman

I love going to signings. One of my favorite things about signings is getting to meet the authors and find new to me authors. Last year I was able to meet one of the most geniune and wonderful people, Darlene Tallman. I got to know her over several signings and facebook. Now Darlene is like part of my family. This is the wonderful part of the Indie community. So I am overexcited to be able to introduce her to you […]

Posted July 20, 2020
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?❤️?Spotlight Author Interview: Tich Brewster?❤️?

I had the immense pleasure to meet Tich Brewster at a signing I went to last year and have been lucky enough to get to know her over the past year. Tich is such a sweet genuine person. I absolutely love her personality and the light that shines from her. So I was super excited that it was her time to be My Blissful Books’ Spotlight Author. My favorite part of doing this is getting to know more about the […]

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???Spotlight Author: Jennifer Zamboni’s Interview???

When you first started writing what did you find to be the hardest part? Has that changed over the years? ☕️The hardest part in the beginning was typing it all up. I began writing by hand. Now my challenge is finding time to write when I’m not in mombie mode! What do you like the most about writing in your genre? ☕️Well… I write urban fantasy with a touch of romance. I love exploring what if especially adding magic to […]

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?‍☠️Spotlight Author: Rachelle Stevensen?‍☠️

I stumbled upon Rachelle Stevensen by chance. She was an author on my Facebook, but being a blogger I have a lot authors on there. She had made a post that caught my eye and that lead me to reading and reviewing her second book. Rachelle is an extremely sweet lady. So I’m happy to be spotlighting her this week. With all the sub genres in romance, why did you choose to write historical? I chose historical because I had […]

Posted March 3, 2020
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❤️?? Spotlight Author: Heather Anne ??❤️

I have yet to meet Heather Anne in person but this have had many fun, sarcastic conversations on messenger and through email. All of which, have me excited to finally meet her. She is a hard working parent who loves to interact with her readers. Take a moment and meet her. You won’t regret it. What is the character that you’ve written that you connect with the most? Grayson in Fractured Paths. Writing him was my therapy for dealing with […]

Posted February 24, 2020
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